Ariel Lin Turns Fangirl Meeting Lee Young Ae and Joo Won in Korea

The Seoul International Drama Awards just went down and I’ll write about it when I have more time to scoop up all the pictures of the many pretties who attended. This post is solely about Ariel Lin‘s visit to Korea this week to attend the Seoul Drama Awards, and along with it her adorable fangirly moments prior to the awards show and later on the red carpet. Ariel is an award winning top actress in her own right in Taiwan and China, but her sweet enthusiasm is hard to top as she took in this trip to Korea with tons of down-to-earth energy.

Ariel first paid a visit to Joo Won on the set of Yongpal and was mightily impressed with his work ethic filming this drama as he’s apparently slept only three hours a night. Next she got all dolled up (and walked the red carpet with Bolin Chen, natch), but took a squee filled detour to snap a picture with Hallyu legend Lee Young Ae. Even better was her gushing posts about it afterwards on her SNS. The two ladies are so visually stunning with the black and white dresses side-by-side. But mostly Ariel’s great attitude just brings an extra smile to my face!


Ariel Lin Turns Fangirl Meeting Lee Young Ae and Joo Won in Korea — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve probably said this before at some point… but Ariel Lin has grown up to be SO gorgeous!
    Not that she wasn’t pretty before… but she has aged like fine aged wine (or is that usually only said for guys?)

    Anyway, she looks amazing, and I’m glad she had fun both being part of the glamour but also exhibiting her inner fangirl.

    • But I think what’s most amazing isn’t her beauty but her cuteness. She has a down to earth personality, doesn’t shy from showing her excitement, which makes her all the more cuter and adorable. Beauty me fade one day (or just changes), but cuteness stays 😉

  2. I can’t help but smile everytime I see Ariel Lin, she’s so down to earth and so likable.

    If only Bae Yong Jun was there…I would have love to see her fangirl over her original Korean crush.

  3. Beautiful pics taken with the timeless beauty Lee Young Ae.
    Poor Joo Woonie…he looks quite worn out and tired with his circles around his eyes but he’s such a cutie. 😀

  4. ariel is beautiful even without much makeup.. she’s one of those actresses who still look fab without much makeup, and she’s a natural beauty.

    she’s also a fangirl.. haha.. i like her and cant wait to watch her new movie with Vic and Bolin 🙂

  5. Thank you Captain k for sharing! I love Ariel and she definitely look more gorgeous as she aged. Wish she would come back to dramaland. I am looking forward to seeing her movie. Hopefully its posted with sub.

  6. OMG! Ariel seems to just get beautiful everytime!
    I love her for being down to earth like doing this fangirling thing on her fave actor and actress.
    It is an extra boost for Joo Won to be visited by Ariel in terms of Chinese and Taiwanese audiences.

  7. Wow, so many gorgeous people! It’s so cute to see Ariel fangirling over other celebs. I just noticed that Lee Young Ae’s red carpet dress is (I think?) the same black lace Valentino dress that Ariel wore in her recent Elle photoshoot… interesting coincidence 🙂

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