Romance of the Condor Heroes Spawns Second Real Life Couple in Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong

The epic turd that is the latest C-drama remake of wuxia novel Return of the Condor Heroes recently made the headlines again when the leads were revealed to have found love with each other in real life. In the Yu Zheng version called Romance of the Condor Heroes, Chen Xiao played male lead Guo Jing while Michelle Chen is still being called a xiaolongbao (dumpling) for being cast as the lithe ethereal beauty Xiaolongnu (little dragon girl). I doubt she’s crying when she made bank for starring in the drama, and now has a real life hottie boyfriend stemming from it.

I’m expecting more RoCH couples to come out of the wood works as it’s starting to become a trend with the second couple to hook up on that set. Supporting actress Mao Xiaotong, who played Guo Fu, has just been confirmed to be dating Chen Xiang, who had a guest starring turn in the drama playing Lu Zhan Cheng. I like both of them very much so this is cute news worthy of sharing, especially when Chen Xiang confirmed the dating rumors by posting a gorgeous pic of his ladylove on the beach with him holding her hand. Awwwwww.

They didn’t have any scenes together since his character was one of the older generation whereas her character was part of the grown up kids contingent, but love appears to strikes even when breaking the same air on that set. They look super adorable together, and I recall neither has openly dating within the industry before so congrats to this new romance and hopefully it’ll have a happy ending.


Romance of the Condor Heroes Spawns Second Real Life Couple in Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Koala you wrote Guo Jing instead of Yang Guo for Chen Xiao. Wrong character.

    First time I’ve seen both of them and unfortunately it has to be in this drama but never the less I was intrigue by him. He looks more like Kim Ki Bum then Lee Jun Ki.

    I did not sit through the latter half of the drama so can’t say much about her.

  2. No not my chen xiang~~!!! I really like him and his acting. I would love to see him as a main lead for once (Didnt like runaway sweetheart). I’ll be in the corner and cry now. Congratulation anyway.

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