First Look at Jung Eun Ji in Sassy Go Go as the Drama Completes Casting

KBS has assembled a real solid cast for upcoming Mon-Tues drama Sassy Go Go (formerly called Cheer Up). It might not deal with as heavy topics as MBC did with its school drama this year Angry Mom, and will hopefully crib the good parts of Who Are You: School 2015 without taking along the draggy aspects. The first stills are out of leading lady Jung Eun Ji, who stepped in for a role originally offered to Kim Yoo Jung, but it doesn’t feel like a shade for Eun Ji nor a reason for concern that Kim Yoo Jung passed.

Joining Jung Eun Ji in the drama as the students are Lee Won Geun, who I last saw in Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Angry Mom‘s drama stealing Ji Soo, Chae Soo Bin, N of VIXX, and Kang Min Ah, while the teachers and instructors will be played by Kim Ji Suk, In Kyo Jin, Lee Mi Do, and Park Hae Mi. I don’t think Eun Ji looks too old to be playing a high schooler, and let’s not forget that her best role to date was playing a high schooler in Answer Me 1997. She does have an air of being more worldly rather than the typical high school naive school girl shtick but I see that as a good thing. I’m hoping the drama throws in tons of fun cheer routines in the vein of Bring It On.


First Look at Jung Eun Ji in Sassy Go Go as the Drama Completes Casting — 2 Comments

  1. This looks pretty fun! Jung Eun Ji is cute as well. Yay for Kim Ji Suk! But he’s not JEJ’s love interest right? I’ve never seen the guy in an all white suit before.

  2. Go Eunji! Go Jisoo! I really enjoy watching Eunji onscreen, as well as with her group, Apink. She has a really cute, genuine and friendly personality. She is only 22 years old, so I can still see her passing as a high school student, especially since she’s back to her bangs (ugh, Sung Siwon feels..). I am hoping for a mix between Dream High, Reply 1997 and the School series 🙂 Also glad that it will be a 12 episode series! Looking forward to this!

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