Six Flying Dragons Unfurls Visually Captivating Drama Poster and Main Cast Preview

Now this is what I’m talking about when I ask for an intense drama to live up to it’s visual awareness. More often than not drama productions produce posters that are merely serviceable and do nothing in service of selling an experience that viewers will want to check out. A good drama poster can be such a powerful took in and of itself, getting people talking about the design and from it the expected drama world to come. If a drama promises high intensity, then the poster should capture and convey that energy.

The official drama poster for upcoming SBS sageuk Six Flying Dragons hits the bullseye on both aspects, the black background with the red dragon embossing is a stunning contrast while placing all six dragons together emphatically asserts who the leads are and a glimpse of their character personalities – Yoo Ah In as prince Lee Bang Won, Chun Ho Jin as King Taejo, Kim Myung Min as Jung Do Jeon, Byun Yo Han as Jung Do Jeon’s bodyguard Bang Ji, Shin Se Kyung as Bang Ji’s sister Boon Yi, and Yoon Kyun Sang as the princely bodyguard Moo Hyul.

Third preview for Six Flyng Dragons:


Six Flying Dragons Unfurls Visually Captivating Drama Poster and Main Cast Preview — 16 Comments

  1. thank’s definately not that,why does shin se kyung look so unkept??
    but i’m still checking it out.especially it being one of my most anticipated drama.

  2. I seriously looked at it for a while trying to see if I’m missing something, but I’m not really getting the intensity. To me the red on black on the poster is striking, but the punch is kind of lost since the really detailed dragon is hard to make out and confusing with everything happening on the front. And the rectangularly cropped individual pictures of the cast piled up makes the composition look kind of lazy and takes away from it. It also kind of irks me that they made an axis splitting the poster in half and then put the title to the side, but that’s just me being annoying.

    Still, it’s just a poster. The trailer looks more encouraging to me.

    • dang… you said everything perfectly. the poster looks good at first until you study it more and realize everything is too crowded and the rectangular cuts are rather amateur.

  3. I guess this introduction of the drama may rekindle my love for fantasy sageuk. I always love sageuk with a lot of imagination and twists in the storyline, but have been really disappointed at the productions of several dramas in the genre for last 2 years. I hope this one particularly with Yoo Ah Yin in the lead cast will turn out good. It looks promising so far. Don’t disappoint me again, K entertainment!

  4. Hmmm, there is a little bit of the music of Rurouni Kenshin in it, and that fight style get it’s inspiration from that (awesome) movie too (though we didn’t see much of it yet in the previews.

  5. The poster’s average though. Nice idea but the implementation is lacking. One look and you feel that something’s wrong. And on second look it seems extremely crude.

  6. The poster is just another poster!! Not bad but not as good as you make it there is a lil bit of exaggeration from you!

  7. dont like the lead female. she always play role that make me hate her. the two drama that i hate her the most is fashion king/when a man fall in love.also high kick in the roof. she was good in that drama till she start lusting over the old dude.

  8. That poster is really badly made. The way they crop the individual pictures and line them up is very amateurish and makes the red dragon in the background looks like a mess.

    Still BYH and YAI are killing it.

  9. I like the poster. I don’t think we should overanalyze the poster nor the teaser. If we do, there is no drama is good. It is all about perspective…, some may like some may not.

    The most important thing is whether you are being entertained by the drama, if yes then the drama works and if not that is also fine….wait for another drama that will do you good.

    I will watch this simply because KMM and YAI.

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