Suzy Models Cute Beanpole Purses in Collaboration with Kakao Talk

I still remember when Beanpole was repped by the young spokescouple of Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy right after their Dream High days. I loved those ad campaigns so much, and the two young cuties have gone to stratospheric heights since then in their respective entertainment careers. Now Kim Soo Hyun has long moved beyond Beanpole in his vast endorsement portfolio while Suzy remains the face of the brand, and has added modeling for its accessories line.

Beanpole is targeted at a younger demographic so this latest star collaboration of Suzy with messaging app Kakao Talk is a brilliant stroke of synergy. Suzy helped design the line of Beanpole + Kakao purses in colors like pink, blue, and dark blue, with designs that range from envelope clutches to smaller Birkin-inspired or simple messenger-shaped shoulder bags. If I were in that demographic then I would totally go for the adorably chic dark blue one. It’s also nice seeing Suzy photographed with such warmth and simplicity, she really is a naturally pretty girl and actually looks the best in a less is more way.


Suzy Models Cute Beanpole Purses in Collaboration with Kakao Talk — 16 Comments

  1. I think it’s ill fitting what they are trying to do here. Those bags are not cheap, students (college and high school) would not be able to afford it and the design is too young and childish for working women.

    I prefer their more subtle line. Easier to match and take to work and out to dinner.

  2. Koala i think you need to fix your fact straight. Suzy is the one no longer beanpole outdoor cf star. Kim soo hyun the only one remain as beanpole advertiser cf star while suzy is just representative of beanpole accessories..

  3. Yup like others said, KSH still does Beanpole and his Fall collection shoot pictures were released recently too. Its Suzy who isn’t promoting the sporting wear with him anymore. Some of the bags look a bit cheap but youthful. I can see it being pretty for teens but I prefer the simpler ones like in the last photo.

  4. I like the orange/peach with cat. So cuuuuteeeee…
    Dream high..such a nostalgic memory. Suzy and KSH have certainly gone to greater heights.

  5. *cough* is the relationship between suzy and lee min ho affecting the relationship between suzy and kim soo hyun because they are no longer in collaborate together anymore. Love their cf when suzy is singing there and it look so sweet and heartwrenching.

  6. I have the impression to see her only in ad campaigns… I really don’t understand the korean industry, she’s not a bad singer or actress but there are better than her.

  7. Huhu I love those kakaotalk stickers and I always like some PPL bags in kdramas which turn out to be from beanpole. But monies $___$

  8. Those purses are hmmm….so these are targeted towards adult women? I can see why they had to get Suzy to *try to* pull them off.

    Anyway, she’s looking gorgeous as usual. She becomes more beautiful as she gets older.

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