Ruby Lin and Tiffany Hsu Showcase Their Friendship While Celebrating Wins for The Way We Were

This year’s 50th annual Golden Bell Awards went down last weekend glittering with more top stars than usual, and the winner were nicely spread across the board with none of the usual grumbling afterwards. The biggest drama winners were for the Ruby Lin produced and starred drama The Way We Were (16 Summers) – while Ruby lost out on Best Actress, she took home the Best Drama win since she produced the show, while her hand picked second female lead Tiffany Hsu netted the Best Supporting Actress statue. There were tons of hugs, tears, and even kisses going around between Tiffany and Ruby after the big win.

Tiff’s win was well-deserved from all accounts (I still need to watch the drama), and likely even more meaningful for her since she’s been carrying the double weight of being Ethan Ruan‘s long time girlfriend (now ex) and a top model, both of which naturally casts a wary pall on her acting endeavors. I’ve long agreed with Tiffany’s acting being rather bland and awkward, but her first starring role in SETTV‘s Love Me or Leave Me totally changed my mind as her acting improved by leaps and bounds then. No one was happier for Tiffany’s win than Ruby, with their friendship offscreen being one of the new girl power duos in the industry, and on top of that Tiffany’s character in the drama had a long running unrequited love for Ruby. I find them so adorable and sincere, this really is one of the better awards nights I’ve seen lately.



Ruby Lin and Tiffany Hsu Showcase Their Friendship While Celebrating Wins for The Way We Were — 5 Comments

  1. Does Ruby Lin ever age? Like…she’s literally glowing. I only wish to look that good at her age. D: But, a big congrats to the two!

  2. Congratulations to the team of “The Way We Were”! Well-deserved wins. I like Ruby and Tiffany’s friendship. I also like how Ruby is willing to invest in filming a drama in Taiwan as many people are putting their focus in Mainland but she still chose to do this because she sees Taiwan as her home.

  3. Koala, did you watch the show? These two were best friends in college and Tiffany had a crush on Ruby’s husband and other things friend but they were all friends . It was good but so sad

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