SBS Lines Up Another Thriller Drama Remember for Wed-Thurs Following The Village

While I’m not terribly devastated that upcoming drama Goodbye Mr. Black lost its time slot on SBS following soon-to-premiere drama The Village (Achiara’s Secret), overall it is something to lament because the cast of Moon Chae Won, Lee Jin Wook, Kim Kang Woo, and Song Jae Rim has the combination of charm and acting talent to pave over the usual bumps in drama narrative. While stranger things have happened before in terms of a drama losing a time slot only to maybe get it back again, or switch networks right away, looks like Goodbye Mr. Black really has kissed the post-Village time slot goodbye for good as SBS has lined up another drama for that coveted spot. The network is going to stick with the thriller/mystery genre with Remember (not to be confused with KBS‘s recent drama I Remember You), the story of a genius lawyer named Seo Woo Bin who suffers from a memory disorder but sets out to investigate and clear his set-up father of a murderous crime. The production is fast-tracking the casting that is looking for a male and female lead in their mid-twenties. 

Directing will be PD Lee Chang Min who directed Birth of a Beauty, Midas, and Giant, and who was originally slated to direct Goodbye Mr. Black. The more intriguing news is that the script is from the hands of screenwriter Yoon Hyun Ho who co-wrote the hit movie The Attorney as well as the movie I am Father. I’m fine with this project in concept, it’s really going to come down to who ends up in the cast as the leads.


SBS Lines Up Another Thriller Drama Remember for Wed-Thurs Following The Village — 24 Comments

  1. village premiere next week n this drama doesn’t have the lead yet, the cast will act without preparation for this drama, they just need to cast popular actor who has many fans n their fans just watch anything from them

  2. the premise sounds to me like robert downey jr. movie the judge.

    hope they at least take some talented actor cause they really don’t have enough time now. still it’s a bummer goodbye mr black will not happen i missed MCW..

  3. Memory disorder… why do I think of Memento? Although, that is a good story and I don’t mind seeing it given korean treatment.

  4. I’d rather boycott SBS. I am pretty pissed about Goodbye Mr. Black losing it’s spot. Enough to avoid SBS altogether. I am already going to not watch that Achiara Village for them throwing away Kim Jae-Wook from it and replacing him with that youngster who does not have half his experience. Goodbye SBS!

  5. What a timing! Wuli Jongsuk said he was going crazy with the need to act. The film he was considering got delayed and all the recent drama casting was finished until now! Personally I don’t think he is gonna take a role of genius with tragic family history again but he may be desperate enough since he said had resorted to acting out scenes in TV to himself at home.

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