Ji Chang Wook is a Romantic Lover for Stylus and Confirms Casting in Chinese-Korean Drama My Male God

I wonder what Ji Chang Wook fans think about this upcoming casting news? From a career progression perspective, I think it’s a smart move as long as he’s vetted the production and script as going into China would be a logical next step for him. Ji Chang Wook is apparently confirmed for upcoming Korean-Chinese joint produced drama My Male God. I hate the title but what else is new when it comes to silly rom-com nomenclatures. It’s going to be filmed in Korea and China and air in early 2016 on Hunan TV, with the only news available at this point being Ji Chang Wook’s casting and word that the female lead will be a top Chinese drama actress. If it’s Tang Yan imma toss a table, but if ends up beingĀ Zhao Li Ying it totally might work. Even if the drama is silly, the C-audiences are more amenable to lightweight fare not to mention Ji Chang Wook needs to build upon his high with Empress Ki and Healer to leave on a high note with his international fans. The drama is set to start filming in October, but Ji Chang Wook fans may get some solace with his just released CF pictorial for jewelry brand Stylus as he transforms into the perfect romantic loverboy.


Ji Chang Wook is a Romantic Lover for Stylus and Confirms Casting in Chinese-Korean Drama My Male God — 26 Comments

  1. Oh my God, he’s such a perfect specimen of a human male and the title (while stupid) does actually fit. HOWEVER, I’m not very happy about this since his voice will have to be dubbed (his pretty, pretty voice) and chances are, they’ll pair him up with someone I don’t care for. But it’s my Ji Chang Wook so I’ll probably watch anyway, even if it’s on mute.

    • @rinoak. You said it! That’s exactly my problem with these Korean-Chinese collaborations. Dubbing Sucks period. It’s why I never bother to watch. And here I was holding my breath that he’d do another kdrama before going to the army. Anyways it’s more international exposure for him which is a good thing.

      • I am still surprised that Empress Ki was that liked, enough that he is venturing into China off of it. The drama was promising at first, but like most recent Kdramas, unraveled in the middle and went completely off track by the end.

        JCW was cute though and glad he is getting a boost. I am still iffy about all these Chinese-Korean collaborations. The whole thing doesn’t seem to be from some organic, creative, stand point, but a straight money grab. I guess we await the results from the ones currently in production.

    • I was thinking the same thing too about the dubbing part. I watched almost every of his dramas, but I think I’m just gonna skip this one.

  2. He looks great and the drama title, someone must be a big fan!! Lol

    The last scene of him and hjw in empress ki is still fresh in my mind and I cried loads. *sigh*

  3. No TY please. Any other actress will do. I saw him in an episode of happy camp and he was just so adorable. Hope this drama will be good. Loved him in Healer.

  4. I swear,if I see Tang Yan cast as the lead role in one more drama, I will be flipping the table with you. not bashing but I don’t wanna see the same actress over and over again. *sigh*

  5. LOL….no worries….TangYan’s schedule is packed already. He’s not quite in the league to start with TangYan yet. Just look at her recent male leads & you’ll all agree too.

    • more like she not in his league. his will leave her in the dust if they cast her with him. only reason she is able to be in so many drama cuz chinese actress that can act is so little. if LSS can get so many lead role thn u know chinese is short on good actress.

  6. So happy to see Ji Chang Wook again but I wish it cud have been a Korean drama. Chinese drama – hmm it tends to drag the story to account for many episodes. But then JCW is wise to go for it so that his international exposure is widened. I truly hope his coming drama My male God is a great success.

  7. I think china have a lot of great actress. Why don’t they cast yang zhi the one in battle of changsha with wallace huo. She’s still young n her acting also extraordinary. Beside that, she always play with the veteran actor n she also child actress. Why if its colab with chn n korea, they always use if not tangyan then yangmi or zheng shuang. They are for sure are pretty but their acting not improve all the time.

  8. Ahh. I wished that he’ll be in a Korean drama instead tho…I just don’t like the idea of his voice being dubbed. Lol. He has such a pretty, sexy and melodious voice. It’ll be such a waste to not hear it…hahaha

  9. Maybe I am weird but I am not too crazy about him. I must be the only one. I find him overrated. Good for him though! All the best.

    • You are not the only one. I like him well enough and think he’s certainly some nice eye candy, but I think he’s still overrated. He was good in Empress Ki,though I hated his actual character, but I didn’t find him spectacular in anything else of his I’ve tried to watch.

  10. instead of dubbing, why cant he just do his lines in Korean and sub them? You know like they did with the movie “Seducing Mr Perfect” (ok maybe a bad example because its Englis & Korean) lol but you guys get the pic. I’m watching either way because i just love him!!

  11. I hope this is not true. I have never seen a chinese drama that I’ve liked so far. Although I’ve liked many Hong Kong movies which were action movies. I want him in a korean drama.

  12. the idea of dubbing his voice is d only problem, but all the same am still happy that he is back on screen. wishing him all the best

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