SBS Drama Remember Breaks 20% Ratings in Final Episode as Cast Celebrates at Wrap Party

The current bunch of prime time K-dramas hasn’t been all that buzzy but that doesn’t equate to failure. SBS leads the ratings for both Mon-Tues with Six Flying Dragons, and especially on Wed-Thurs with Remember (Son’s War), which was netting even better ratings than Dragons. In fact, the final episode of Remember which aired this Thursday broke 20% ratings, that magical number in this day and age probably equal to what breaking 40% in rating was like 5 years ago. I liked Remember, and not just because it starred my baby boy Yoo Seung Ho, it was actually second male lead Park Sung Woong who stole the show for me six episodes in.

I took a break after that because I wasn’t in the mood for a drama where the good guys continually get outwitted and outplayed, that would have driven my blood pressure up to watch weekly, especially if Yoo Seung Ho tears are heaped on top. Now that it’s done, this weekend is all prime for a marathon session and hopefully all the solid reviews are on the mark. If not then I’ll consider it a worthwhile time suck to admire Yoo Seung Ho’s expressive face for 14 consecutive episodes with some judicious FF-ing. The ratings for Remember really were awesome so the hardworking cast and crew definitely earned their wrap party honors as the cast looked happy and tired arriving to the shindig. Continue reading

The Happy Playful Cast of Thriller Drama Remember Attend Press Conference

The press conference for Yoo Seung Ho‘s upcoming SBS drama Remember wasn’t nearly as cute-inducing as his press conference last week for MBC cable drama Imaginary Cat. But then again, Imaginary Cat trotted out a real life “I could give … Continue reading

KBS Looking Promising in Media Discussions of K-dramas Scheduled for 2016

This has been an uneventful year in dramas for me, and it’s hard to wrap my head around the year ending soon and already K-ent pundits are looking towards 2016 for discussion fodder. The network that has been getting killed … Continue reading