Han Groo Announces Upcoming Wedding to Non-entertainment Industry Boyfriend

This is such good entertainment news to start off a new week, and couldn’t have happened to a cooler young K-actress with a solid head on her shoulders. Han Groo has just announced that she’s tying the knot with her non-entertainment industry boyfriend, the one she earlier this year revealed to the public that she has been dating for some time. Han Groo was in the news a lot this year when it came to the drama casting rumor mill, all of which ended up falling through, whether it was Scholar Who Walks the Night or High Society. I’m not sad for her that those female lead roles didn’t pan out since it wasn’t a big loss, other than for her fans who miss seeing her onscreen. Looks like the wait is still on if she’s planning to get married soon, chances are she won’t be signing up for a grueling drama shoot anytime soon. That’s fine with me, I find her acting attitude to be surprisingly eclectic and mature, and hope to see her career go the distance rather than burn red hot and then peter on. Congrats to Han Groo and her handsome non-star fiancee!


Han Groo Announces Upcoming Wedding to Non-entertainment Industry Boyfriend — 16 Comments

  1. Awwwww <3 cute and congrats to the adorkable couple.
    I wish she'd do another more action style drama or film like Girl K, she was so badass there.
    Sadly I think she's very underrated!

  2. congrats to them! they look compatible with each other..

    she’s so cute and i’m glad she didn’t get those roles in the end..about SWWTN we can argue but HS was such meh..maybe if she was there she could have saved it.

  3. She is a lovable and I enjoyed watching her in Can We Get Married and Marriage Not Dating. Congrats to her! Hopefully she will back to acting, she is still young 🙂

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