Web Drama The Secret Message with Ueno Juri and T.O.P. Readies for Early November Airing by Releasing Lovely Posters

Remember that drama Big Bang‘s T.O.P. and J-actress Ueno Juri? It has a title and an airdate right around the corner, and judging from the official drama and character posters will definitely be high on the visual prettiness.The Secret Message is a web drama co-produced by Japanese Amuse and KoreanĀ CJ E&M, with a solid appeal to both the Korean and Japanese audiences by casting two leads that are immensely popular in their own country and well known in each other’s country.

The story is about two people living with their own broken first love memories and finding love again with each other. Rounding the cast is Yoo In Na, Lee Jae Yoon, Shin Won Ho, and Jung Yumi, which makes it even more appealing than costing on two big name leads alone. The drama is slated for 18-episodes and will stream on LINE, Naver TV, and DTV starting on November 2nd. I’m not a T.O.P. fan but Ueno Juri is simply too luminous to pass up in a romantic drama setting, not to mention the return of my boy Shin to the small screen.


Web Drama The Secret Message with Ueno Juri and T.O.P. Readies for Early November Airing by Releasing Lovely Posters — 11 Comments

    • YG wants huge profits and those come from BigBang world tours, not TOP’s acting career, so that will be TOP’s priority at least until they go off to military.

    • Seriously? Do you have to use a homophobic insult to express your opinion? Koalas Playground is a little better than most of the others. We should keep it at a classier level!

  1. Top’s Japanese ability is abysmal so it’ll be interesting to see how he’ll act opposite Juri.
    Especially since Juri is the stronger actor.

  2. Hi Koala, did you manage to watch this series? I think it just finished airing. I just finished watching it and it was quite beautiful. Beautifully shot and i thought that the story was sweet and poignant. Shed a few tears after one of the episodes. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it! Each episode is only around 10mins long so you can binge the whole thing at one go if you have the time.

    Ueno Juri does this sort of whimsical character so well! I was really drawn to her character. It’s my first time seeing T.O.P act and I thought he was quite entertaining to watch. His character is a bit of a goofball, which I’m told is not too far away from the personality he’s known for in real life. Lots of LINE PPL but it wasn’t too in-your-face! And I didn’t know Yoo In Na speaks Japanese!

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