Drama Previews for Marry Me, or Not Arrives Along with November 1st Premiere Date

Please be good, Marry Me, or Not! I’ve been waiting for this drama for what feels like forever, but even more critical is how much is on the line for me. There hasn’t been a home rum TW-drama all year that’s owned my heart, even if When I See You Again and Love Cuisine are moderately watchable solely for male leads Liu Yi Hao and Lego Lee, respectively. But I’m wanting crazy addicting journeys such as with In a Good Way, and even earlier with Office Girls.

Marry Me finally has a premiere date and it’s coming fast,the drama will be airing on CTV starting November 1st, a network that’s been airing edgier drama fare over the more candy colored cutesy offerings on SETTV. Starring Alice Ke, Roy Qiu, Joanne Tseng, and Harry Chang, the drama follows four high powered professionals navigating romance and career competition, with the two female leads having a rivalry that dates back to college. It’s great seeing all four playing capable and competent adults, with a side treat of Bolin Chen making a cameo appearance based on a sneak peak in the new drama previews below.

Previews for Marry Me, or Not:


Drama Previews for Marry Me, or Not Arrives Along with November 1st Premiere Date — 12 Comments

  1. I’m surprised to see you put When I See You Again and Love Cuisine in the same sentence; they’re on completely different levels imo (kinda like when Pleasantly Surprised was airing alongside Fall in Love with Me). Excited for Marry Me or Not though 🙂 It’s been several months since I last saw a TW-drama from a network other than SETTV.

    • um, so which one is the one that’s worth watching and which one should be avoided like the plague? (like pleasantly surprised and filwm respectively)

      • WISYA is absolutely worth watching and LC is just… embarrassingly bad—inoffensive yes, but your time’s better spent elsewhere. As if being thin on plot wasn’t bad enough, LC sped through all the OTP development and basically ran out of things to do a long time ago. WISYA takes its sweet ol’ time with the OTP (makes it all the more gratifying, honestly) and even after all that’s romantic is said and done, there’s still some story left to be told because WISYA had a solid foundation to begin with; backstory has plenty of meaty conflict to go around, and supporting characters don’t just loaf around for comic effect. Scripts are always gonna be a hit or miss, but pace? Haven’t seen an SETTV drama as well-paced as WISYA in ages.

      • Thank you both! When I looked at the comments on MDL and soompi I got the impression it was the opposite, in spite of liking wisya’s premise much more. Thank you for helping me decide (actually confirm) which to watch 🙂

    • I’m with you jyl. I think When I See You Again is a lot better than Love Cuisine too. The story of WISYA is well-thought, everything just fall into place by each episode that passes, and I like the main leads and also the supporting actors. Jasper and Mandy’s performance exceeded my expectations.

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! FINALLY!!! SO EXCITEDDDD!! Please don’t disappoint!!!! Really wish this was a daily drama…. I usually wait until most episodes are out before watching it…. :'( BUT BUT BUT can I really wait that long…. gahh

  3. What about Murphy’s Law of Love? Beside he separation between the main characters being forced and the doe-eyed leading lady; I thought it was a solid drama. The escalator kiss had to make a solid 7 rating.

    • Dumb plot and not exactly the best of characterizations, but veryyy solid chemistry between the leads. I watched it legitimately believing in every ounce of their love. Too bad it falls short in every other regard (with the exception of the OST) 😛

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