Lee Jong Seok May Be Coming Back to K-dramas with SBS Thriller Remember

Signs are piling on one after another that all point to one thing – Lee Jong Seok is likely coming back with the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs thriller drama Remember. If it doesn’t pan out then it’ll be due to him turning down the offer, but drama insiders are all saying that he’s the one SBS is courting to headline the drama, which got fast-tracked in production due to Goodbye Mr. Black falling off a cliff and the post The Village  time slot needing a drama pronto. Remember is the drama of a genius lawyer with some sort of memory problems who needs to exonerate his falsely accused dad of a crime.

Right now Remember is slated to premiere the first week of December after The Village wraps up its run, and with a very underwhelming first week ratings SBS will be even more keen to get a lead for Remember who has been a ratings guarantee for the network. Lee Jong Seok’s agency said last month in September that he was reviewing scripts and was likely to comeback with a drama soon, and Remember being a SBS drama shortly to start filming makes it the most likely project. Even more interesting are the child actors who have just been cast in the Remember flashback portions all starting to follow Lee Jong Seok on SNS.

I didn’t want to make this just a Lee Jong Seok maybe doing a drama post without any additional goodies. I realized that I’ve had this Esquire Korea spread he did from this past April in my folder and never got around to posting about it, so here’s some oldies but goodies for Jong Seok-ie fans to enjoy!


Lee Jong Seok May Be Coming Back to K-dramas with SBS Thriller Remember — 49 Comments

    • I know, right? As much as I love Lee Jong Seok, I can’t really be happy about this, since I was looking sooooo forward to GMB. It was like a really cruel joke to line up the cast so perfectly with such a great story and then say, GOTCHA! Not gonna happen, suckers!

    • I think the reason why they dropped Goodbye Mr Black was because of disagreements between the production company and SBS, but they never said on what exactly they disagreed on.

    • I hope to god this drama produced on rush order is not one liveshoot mess. Meanwhile I will create stories in my head *ing MCW and LJW.

  1. so dissappointed because of goodbye mr black couldn’t get timeslot, i lost interest in this drama if ljs in this drama, it’s not because i don’t like him,i like him in school 2013 n i hear your voice but i really couldn’t take him seriously in serious drama like this

  2. It’s about time for him to do another project, it has been nearly a year since his last drama. This one sounds promising but I think I’ll will need more info before I judge it. But I miss him so much and I trust his ability to pick good scripts, so I hope he will be back soon.

  3. So he is going to play genius something for the nth time?. Genius gay musician, genius student, genius taxi driver/reporter and now genius lawyer?!. Genius in almost all dramas..

    And this, “drama of a genius lawyer with some sort of memory problems who needs to exonerate his falsely accused dad of a crime”. The story slightly overlaps with that of his previous drama pinocchio with diff profession ofcourse”.

    • I agree, he’s pretty much playing the same type of characters over and over. I actually don’t get his appeal at all and I’ve watched most of dramas too.

      • Oh yes. Thanks for reminding.In my defense, I have bad memories associated with that particular drama, so must have unconsciously erased it. It didn’t even come to my thought until you pointed out. Haha.

    • By “genuis” they really just mean someone who is good at their job. Ssun was just good at producing music, i would hardly call that a genuis. Soo ha was good in school because he could read the teacher’s mind, so not much of a genuis either, plus it didn’t really play a big part in the drama. Dalpo wasn’t a genius reporter, we saw him learn and become good at the profession throughout the drama. The only character i would consider a genuis was in Doctor Stranger, because the drama revolved around him being a genius doctor.

      All his characters have been different, it’s just that people like to call his characters “geniuses” when really most of them are not, and if they are, it doesn’t play a big role in the drama anyway (except DS)

  4. My heart is still bleeding for Goodbye Mr. Black…sigh.
    About LJS…too mainstream IMO..and yes, I can’t do anything about it..so I’ll just let this one pass..

  5. This is an early Christmas gift if we can see him on screen before year end, though I don’t really like the story plot/theme it sounds familiar & very common, if he will comeback on screen – it should be something unique with a big impression to the audience, something he never done before but I believe and I have faith with Jong Suk – he has great capability/talent choosing better script & projects

  6. As much as i love LJS i would like him to do different role but well if he’ll take it i’ll watch it anyway. i kinda wished his leading lady will be MCW since her drama went to nothing but from the plot it seems this is going to be male centric drama and i want a drama where she will be the center.
    please no idol as female lead! acrtess in the level of PSH will be fine..maybe YEH? but probably SBS will want big name next to him to boost the rating more..i think actresses like about PMY, KSE, KSR heck even PBY if she wants to go on with dramas and it will be big jump for her from cable drama.

  7. LJS is The First actor that I like to see him as a chaebol & really like to see him as an antagonist but it seems that he fits to genius roles better cause all of his past roles has a different taste for me except his performances in IHYV & pinocchio which are a little similar due to similar production team!
    Finger crossed for more info about this project

  8. I think he’d fit a villain role perfectly, but protagonists parts get paid better, so I understand him not taking the chance to develop his acting abilities even more. Maybe in a movie? One can only hope. But yeah, the plot seems very boring, but with a good female lead things might change.

  9. Where did you even come up with this idea though? There hasn’t been a single article nor even a blind item hinting that Lee Jong Suk is offered the role – and he’s even said that there’s nothing in his plans at the moment at KDA two days ago.

  10. I knew this was fanfic article from the beginning and this is not the first fanfic casting on LJS.. there was this other American movie turned k-drama adp. where LJS and PSH should be the lead taken from there shippers as source and posted here as drama news?

  11. I like Lee Jong Suk to reunites Jin Se Yeon but I think at the right time now if Lee Jong Suk is interesting for this offer then he deserve to pair in new female lead.

  12. Lee Jong Suk is handsome Genius Doctor he is fitted in his role of being doctor I really don’t care the critics who don’t satisfied for that role Lee Jong Suk deserves all of his roles, no one his roles doesn’t good hope if he choosing “Remember” this drama is right project to him.

  13. wait I can’t read carefully this article and I can decide to read it again by chance Goodbye Mr Black is the first choice to aired in timeslot of Remember but GMB is canceled on SBS oh come on! what a fate why Moon Chae Won and Lee Jong Suk choose to given a complicated drama what’s wrong? I really impressed on their talents why them? but now thanks to MBC to picked up Goodbye Mr Black as their upcoming drama and finally I’m happy for Moon Chae Won but I feel bad to Lee Jong Suk if he accepting “Remember”,hopefully Lee Jong Suk and his agency think wisely if their choosing Remember??????????????

  14. oh sorry I’m confuse I thought “Remember” is on the timeslot of Goodbye Mr Black “The Remember is slated premiere first week of December after The Village wraps up its run”

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