Song Joong Ki is the Broody New 2015 Model for Kolon Sport

Song Joong Ki‘s entertainment career comeback after a two year military service hiatus feels as slow and steady as the arrival pace of his first acting project since discharge. Descendants of the Sun has been announced since 2014, got cast in early 2015, is now fully underway with filming, but alas won’t arrive until sometime in 2016. So many actors return from military and proceed with endless reams of work product, but forget about Song Joong Ki’s DotS not arriving until next year, he’s also been skimpy on the CFs and magazine pictorials. There are a few but not nearly enough for my tastes. I guess quality does matter more over quantity, in that case more endorsement deals like the one he recently inked to be popular outdoorwear brand Kolon Sport‘s new 2015 model. He sported the brand’s clothing in the recent Elle Magazine pictorial, a nice cross-promotion, and the remaining stills have recently been released to show Song Joong Ki doing his best to infuse emotion into the art of settling puffy jackets.


Song Joong Ki is the Broody New 2015 Model for Kolon Sport — 8 Comments

  1. I dislike this photoshoot immensely (when the outtakes and bts stills are a gazillion times better than what they actually went with… *shakes head*) but it looks fine as billboard ads so maybe Kolon wasn’t totally clueles.

    The total lockdown on DotS spoilers is certainly compounding the withdrawal. The only thing I’ve seen out of Greece are location pictures (Athens, Arochova, Zakynthos), occasionally crew members, but never with the leads. It’s great they’re so disciplined about it, but it’s also killing me.

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