So Ji Sub is a Workout Beast while Shin Mina Loves Her Cake in New Promos for Oh My Venus

Having So Ji Sub play a gym trainer might have been for the sake of the drama plot, but it’s also going to yield a treasure trove of screencapping moments for his fans. He best friends with Song Seung Heon and the two must also share the same workout regime because both have insanely ripped bodies even within the sphere of K-ent where most leading men are packing arm guns. For So Ji Sub’s last drama The Master’s Sun, he was always in suits and also slimmed down to rock the lean and angular look that spoke of that character’s arrogance and tightly wound control. I’m glad to see him letting loose in upcoming KBS drama Oh My Venus, at least in terms of physicality. Above is the first teaser poster for the drama, showing no-nonsense gym trainer So Ji Sub next to slightly plump Shin Mina drooling over a cake. Way to stereotype right off the bat, drama. Way more promising are stills below of So Ji Sub working out at the gym for drama filming, looking a CrossFit trainer who is going to whup your ass into shape.


So Ji Sub is a Workout Beast while Shin Mina Loves Her Cake in New Promos for Oh My Venus — 7 Comments

  1. Wow, she’s supposed to be plump in that picture? She still looks quite small to me. Then again, I never thought they would use a body suit with her (I mean, a big one) and they can’t go ‘Birth of a Beauty’ route and use a different person at the outset so I guess when they say she needs to lose weight we’ll just have to take their word for it. (Their incredibly wrong, silly word for it.)

  2. Sigh. So we are supposed to believe she needs to lose weight. And why do they think chubby/fat people always publicly drool over food. This drama is already bugging me.

  3. Korea and their obsession to appearance…sigh… I worry about the ratings. We all know how bad ratings on KBS eventhough some of their dramas really good.

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