Screenwriter of Super Melodrama Secret Coming Back with New KBS Drama in 2016

The line-up for KBS 2016 dramas is pretty jam packed already, with high profile dramas Descendants of the Sun and Arbitrarily Fondly leading the media coverage. That doesn’t mean the network isn’t continuing to ready additional dramas that has the hallmarks of being a potential hit, and one way is to go back to work with screenwriters and PDs who have delivered hits for the network before. One of the biggest surprise dramas of the last few years was KBS uber melodrama Secret (Secret Love) with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, that drama was the ratings leader and handily beat Heirs, which only managed to jump in ratings after Secret ended its run. One of the screenwriters of Secrets Yoo Bo Ra is preparing a comeback drama for KBS in 2016 tentatively called Wild Passion (or Barbaric Passion). Boy does she go for way intense concepts or what, lol.

KBS is handing this new Yoo Bo Ra drama to network PD Kim Jin Woo who directed Good Doctor and Wild Romance, the former a hit for KBS and the latter a big misfire though it has some cult fans who enjoyed the off beat nature of the drama. I;m not sure when KBS wants to slot this new drama but likely Mon-Tues, which currently has Oh My Venus premiering soon followed by Moorim School.


Screenwriter of Super Melodrama Secret Coming Back with New KBS Drama in 2016 — 9 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t say handily beat heirs which is to far fatched in my humble opinion. its can’t kinda difficult to measure it that way since Secret was already on its last episodes while Heirs started airing. they max had 4-5epi aired in the same time and the viewers can’t just switch from a drama they already invested in to a newly aired. but if they aired together many episodes or start same time then we could have made case for situations like that but this was not the case

    • Not true.

      The Heirs starting airing when Secret aired its fifth episode. So Secret was merely two weeks ahead of Heirs, so yes, Secret did manage to beat The Heirs durings its run.

      • your right.. but its kinda weird that Heirs had way better ratings then secret overall and always one step behind like 1% or 2% and it was longer run which makes it average numbers lower but still far higher then secret but still beat by secret on the time slot.. these were weird runs

  2. Koala, thanks for the write-up. Secret was on one-quarter of its run when Heirs started airing (ep 5 of Secret and ep 1 of Heirs aired on 9 October 2013).So yes, I believe we can say Secret did beat Heirs in the ratings race. I am looking forward to Yoo Bo-ra’s next work; besides Secret I also love her delightful one-episode KBS drama special “Yeon Woo’s Summer” (super-impressed by Han Ye-ri’s acting in that drama special).

  3. I wonder who will be cast in this one. It’s going to be tough to beat Secret which has Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. I think one of the factor that Secret works so well was because of these two leads who gave them all to the drama. Their performance on the drama made you want to root for them so badly. So hoping they will find the right cast for this one too or else i will not even bother to watch this one.

  4. This writer is probably one of those who exclusively work with the broadcast channel, the same way Dr. Jin had a writing duo as well. I’m pretty convinced that Mask’s writer who, by the way, did win KBS’s one-act-play Award is Secret’s prime writer in terms of idea and plot. Channels’ writers are very helpful(especially to rookie ones) and, most of the times, equally talented, however, both Secret and Mask had the other author’s “signature” all over them, let alone the similar display (as well as the “burning”) of all possible clichés.

  5. The plot which i read from dramabeans sounds a bit of meh but if it turns out to be in the level of secret, count me in!

    I just hope they cast good actors as in secret. all the 4 leads were great and delivered their roles so well and the plot was interesting and not boring.

    i thought maybe they could cast Bae soo bin to be main lead since he already worked with the writers? no way HJE will take the drama after 2 dramas in a year(unless she don’t like to rest lol) and JS is probably busy now with his child. other actors will be ok but please no rookie idols ..

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