Park Hae Jin and Jo Boa Cast in Rom-com Drama Secret About 119 Special Rescue Team

I find the drama title rather random but the casting sounds promising enough. Park Hae Jin and Jo Boa will be pairing up for upcoming rom-com drama Secret set in the world of a 119 emergency hotline special rescue team. It will be Park Hae Jin’s first rom-com drama since his debut if you count Famous Chil Princesses as a rom-com, and the only other drama to even remotely come close to rom-com is parts of You From Another Star but he wasn’t the male lead there and only the OTP scenes in the beginning were rom-com-ish. He was supposed to star in Four Sons but that drama fell apart flaming with PD disagreements and production fee woes so he’s moving on to Secret which will start filming soon. His leading lady is Jo Boa who remains very talented but inconsistent on picking projects, I wasn’t a fan of her last drama My Strange Hero (Bok Soo is Back) despite my love for Yoo Seung Ho. Secret doesn’t yet have a broadcast network but the PD has lots of well known projects under his belt starting from Piano to Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy then Style and Daemul. Continue reading

Angsty Revenge Melodrama Returns with the Premiere of Secret with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum

I just know I’m probably going to loathe all the main characters in the upcoming KBS melodrama Secret (English title Secret Love) starring Ji Sung as an emotionally dysfunctional second generation chaebol, Hwang Jung Eum as the girl who he … Continue reading