Rain in Talks for 2016 SBS Drama Goodbye My Beloved One

I wrote about this upcoming drama a month ago and really found the premise promising. SBS bought the rights to Japanese novel Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan (Director Tsubakiyama’s 7 Days Time) by writer Asada Jiro. There is already one onscreen adaptation of the novel, the J-movie of the same name in released in 2006, so it”ll be a nice change of cultural style and medium for SBS to turn it into a drama tentatively titled Goodbye My Beloved One. Even more exciting for me to hearing that Rain is in talks to headline, marking his first return to dramas in over a year since last year’s underwhelming My Lovely Girl.

Rain was sooooooo miscast and misused in that drama it wasn’t even funny, so picking the heartwarming Goodbye My Beloved One feels like a step in the right direction. The story centers around a workaholic department store employee who dies on the job but can’t let go of unfinished tasks. The powers that be give him three days back on earth to complete his lingering regrets, and his return to the living turns him from a middle aged man into a beautiful twenty something woman in the novel, but for the drama he’ll turn into super hottie Rain. Along the way he/she meet up with other recently deceased with the same three day option. Me likes the sound of this second chances and soul swapping stuff.

The screenwriter adapting the novel into drama form also wrote the movie 200 Pounds Beauty, while directing will be veteran SBS PD Shin Yoon Sub behind Ugly Alert and Rooftop Prince. Since its airing on SBS, the drama can potentially follow Six Flying Dragons on Mon-Tues, or Remember on Wed-Thurs.


Rain in Talks for 2016 SBS Drama Goodbye My Beloved One — 13 Comments

  1. I hope he strikes Gold. He had a number of very bad years and honestly I hope he recovers soon. Rain had been one of the hardest working stars with a very poor humble background. I hope this Drama will put him in a positive light again. His last drama was unbearable to watch. I gave up half way.

    • Rain will probably do well if they don’t cast an idol female lead. There are still plenty of good actresses out there not casted in any drama yet.

      • If it has to be a idol, it better be a good one that act well and can form amazing chemistry with him. But I agree, there are lots of good actress that will be more suitable.

      • Only if the K-entertainment focus more on casting actors who are just actors rather than Kpop idols just because they are chasing ratings. (sigh)

  2. Omg, next year will be amazing! First JGS’s comeback news and now Rain, yay! They’ve both picked crappy dramas but they are so talented and capable that hopefully their luck will get better next year. Fingers crossed!

  3. Hope the female lead will be good cause the plot looks intersting (although reminds me a bit of Mr. back). i watched him only in full house, his other dramas didn’t attract me. if they will pick a solid actress i’m in.

  4. The female lead is what I am worried about! I hope Moon Chae Won drops her other drama and just do this with Bi Rain! At least I would better approve this pairing! 😉 I wonder who they would cast opposite Rain…

    I hope it’s not another Kpop idol.
    For some reason, I would love to see Kang Hye Jung acting in a drama again!

    FEMALE LEADS (in no order):
    – Son Ye Jin (Yes! YES! PLEASE?)
    – Kang Hye Jung
    – Song Hye Kyo (imagine if they were to reunite)
    – Lee Min Jung
    – Gong Hyo Jin
    – Su Ae
    – Ha Ji Won
    – Yoon Eun Hye (she needs a good comeback)
    – Park Bo Young
    – Park Shin Hye
    – Kim So Eun

    • Park Min Young–can’t forget about her!

      There’s a few other actresses I wouldn’t mind either but they are already in a drama or will be starting a drama soon. 🙁 Oh well.

      • PMY is already doing other drama, same with SHK (and even if DOTS is pre produced she needs to rest). i think PSH said she have to finish her studies first but maybe she’ll take another drama.
        i like all the other actresses you mentioned so i will be glad if any of them will be cast..

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