Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen Hilariously Kabedon Over Ariel Lin at Media Event for Go Lala Go 2

I love when stars understand fan service, and then have a great sense of humor about it. The leads of upcoming C-movie Go Lala Go 2 (Tale of Du Lala’s Wedding Chase) attended a press conference this week in Beijing to promote the movie, which had its premiere date pushed back to December 4th to lead off the start of the holiday movie season. I think that’s a great idea, a date movie for couples during the chilly nights of winter festivities. Starring Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, Bolin Chen, and Nana, the movie follows in the Go Lala Go series and this time focuses on Lala’s critical choice in marriage.

Fans split between whether Ariel should pick long time boyfriend Zai Zai’s character of newcomer playboy Bolin’s character might want to board a third ship now – during the press conference it was Bolin and Zai Zai who were all over each other in terms of adorable bromance flirting. Bolin even did the kabedon on Zai Zai, lol! Never thought I’d live to see this particular image, and boy do I appreciate the cheekiness of it all. The production also released a new movie trailer that focuses on female lead Lala’s needing to make a choice in all aspects of life, whether it’s love or career.

Final trailer for Go Lala Go 2:


Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen Hilariously Kabedon Over Ariel Lin at Media Event for Go Lala Go 2 — 4 Comments

  1. Totally unrelated but, Koala, I’m surprised you’re not recapping Alice Ke and Roy Qiu’s new drama. I remembered back in 2011, you were so in love with this pairing because of Office Girl.

  2. So excited for this! I’m glad there was a little bit more of Ariel and Zai Zai’s relationship in this trailer, although I still wish there was more, so I could get a better sense of their relationship (having never read the books and not knowing Mandarin). Lol, Bolin and Zai Zai were so funny in the kabedon clips posted, and I love how Ariel was laughing hysterically while the two guys were putting the moves on each other.

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