K-ent Discussing Changed Looks of Hong Soo Ah and Lee Soo Hyuk


Whenever a K-actor or actress makes the news for looking different, it’s always hard to look away since news coverage usually means something drastic as opposed to the usual and widespread nip and tucks. Recently the spotlight is shining on supporting role K-actress Hong Soo Ah and rising model-turned-actor Lee Soo Hyuk. I’ll leave it for folks to make their own judgment call on whether any knife work was done but I’m leaning towards Lee Soo Hyuk gaining some weight and a new hair color for why he looks different, whereas Hong Soo Ah is basically a different face human being that I wouldn’t even recognize as her if no one told me. Holy shizniz, so that’s what it’s light to just up and change a face in adulthood.



K-ent Discussing Changed Looks of Hong Soo Ah and Lee Soo Hyuk — 28 Comments

  1. yep it’s just a change of hairstyle and a little weight gain for Lee soo hyuk, but the girl that’s a different person entirely, she was really beautiful before why did she have to change her face? any it’s none of my business, it’s her face and she can do what she wants with it.

  2. If Lee Soo Hyuk needs plastic surgery to make him more inhumanly beautiful than he already is, I must look like a hideous beast.

    • This. She looks like Fan Bingbing and I was thinking the same as the above poster. I said to myself I have seen that person somewhere.

      @Koala why don’t you post some eariler post to compare because I can hardly see anywhere to draw conclusion from in your article post.

      but one thing is for sure she looks good

    • Oh come on. It’s definitely the new hairstyle and gaining a bit of healthy weight if you ask me. Otherwise he looks exactly the same.

      • Agree. The required look today is emaciated to bring out the bone structure of the face. Soo Hyuk only gained a little bit of weight. Another one who changes like this is So Ji Sub. Between projects his cheekbones are not as prominent as they are now in the teasers of his new drama. And the second the ‘fans’ spot it they start yelling: ‘You became fat! Stop eating ice cream!’. Ridiculous.

  3. I think they both look wonderful. I’m glad LSH gained weight and I hope Hong Soo Ah is finally happy with her appearance. I see so many hurtful comments about people after they do plastic surgery. Before PS they get called ugly, face rejection, develop serious self esteem issues/sometimes even mental illness caused by the relentless and constant attacks on their appearance. Then once they get PS, people are still cruel and accuse them of being fake, looking like a “Gangnam unni”, crack cruel jokes at their expense without even thinking about how they person in question must feel. It’s absolutely vile and so thoughtless.

  4. Well, Hong Soo Ah herself already admit to have PS since long before. She alr done so many PS before, so her change is gradual. Though this time her change is more apparent because she haven’t been appear in Korea for long.
    She also admit recently that she does PS to appeal more in Chinese market. And it really works. She get more job offer in Chinese market since her PS.

  5. Please Soo Hyuk just be weight gain and nothing else. He looks perfect in the pic where he’s wearing a black suit. He seemed to be a fan of the gaunt look when he was a model but maybe being more involved in K-net has changed his perspective.

    His face is perfectly balanced in its beauty and uniqueness and PS could easily make his face look so off or totally forgettable 🙁

  6. You better be right because if a knife has touched the face of the most perfect looking man in all of the human race, then there really is no hope for the world, and Ima gonna have to hurt someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There would be ZERO reason to touch LSH’s face ZERO! I mean, his ears could be tucked a bit, but his face! NO WAY! That’s like drawing a mustache on Mona Lisa or putting clothes on The David.

    I really don’t even know who the girl is, so I’ve got naught to say there.

  7. Its not apparent in these set of pictures, but Lee Soo Hyuk’s double eyelids definitely look a lot deeper compared to his early debut days (where he was also extremely thin).

    I can’t tell if his double eyelid creases got deeper as he gained weight but he definitely looks a lot better not so thin.

  8. LSH probably put on some weight after getting some rest after TSWWTN, but he’s still gorgeous. That picture of him in the black suit is just wow.

    Don’t know who the actress is, but love her dress at the BIFF, and her bag and bracelet too. She looks lovely there.

  9. lee soo hyuk actually looks better to me with a little bit more weight – he always looks so gaunt. I know he needs to have that gaunt, other worldly beauty as a model but… He looks so much more healthy in these pics.

    • The nose is good, but the eyes aren’t going to hold up; the skin is already sagging. Seems to me like she’s another case of someone addicted to PS.

  10. If someone like LSH who was born with perfect looks feels the need for plastic surgery, then there’s clearly something wrong with Korean celeb culture. Please, please let it be weight gain. I mean Song Jae Rim gained a bit of weight compared to his modeling days, and he looks different. I actually find him more attractive now. 🙂

  11. LSH mentioned in one of his interviews that he gained more weight to `look more normal` so he can get more casting. He looks damn fine now!

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