New Stills Show Before and After Weight Loss Pictures of Shin Mina in Oh My Venus

I feel like the discussion over visuals can be such a potential landmine. Unless the approach is tongue-in-cheek, any attempts to fatten up or uglify drama leads inevitably leads to some sort of comment backlash. I’ll try hard not to offend anyone when I discuss the recently released new stills from upcoming KBS drama Oh My Venus that show a before and after weight loss picture of leading lady Shin Mina. The after picture is above in the form of a new drama poster, and in it Shin Mina basically looks just like herself.

That would be how I imagine she would look in real life after hitting the gym for a workout. So Ji Sub continues to look mildly out-of-place, I noticed in all his promo stuff there is a weird vibe that he seems not quite sure what to act out. The before picture of Shin Mina’s character is below, four stills of the “fat” stage of her character, and by fat the drama production dropped actual stats – she weighs 77kg (around 170 lbs) – which is a relief to see the drama not go the way of making her obese, and if she’s just chubby then then whole weight loss romance seems practical and attainable.

I actually find chubby Shin Mina absolutely adorable, a tad round in the face and figure but still so pretty. Apparently her fat makeup takes 3 hours to fully apply on her face and body.


New Stills Show Before and After Weight Loss Pictures of Shin Mina in Oh My Venus — 18 Comments

  1. Shin Min Ah’s fat version is still prettier than skinny me, if I had her face I would pretty much live in front of a mirror lol.

    I hope the drama’s good, I really enjoyed Sassy Go Go and would like it to be followed by an equally good drama (less regrets about SGG being only 12 episodes long that way!)

  2. Dramas these days are like watching the actors doing their real life activity..Story without essence.I hope the story does not show how an obese girl becomes pretty and lean again and fall in love with the attractive trainer..sigh.

    • She’s supposed to be using his training services so she’ll probably lose weight over time and become pretty by the end. It’d be refreshing if she stayed the same weight or slightly chubby till the end but it’s still understandable if she doesnt. I wish SWP had done this with the female lead, as in kept her looks the same or at least similar throughout the entire run.

      I’m guessing to make the romance more palpable, he’ll start falling for her way before she becomes conventionally attractive like in SWP.

      • she just dressed up a little bit, not like she had a dramatic makeover, at home she dresses down and has no makeup on. im pretty sure most people do the same. and considering ep 15 she has a mixture of the look. people loved her look before and after, she just got more confident in herself and cared about how she looked.

        it depends with this drama though, in going from bigger to thin and conventionally beautiful. that is a whole another can of worms compared to SWP

      • Yeah it made sense within the narrative and I also loved her look before and after and most importantly that she liked it.

        Unfortunately completely revamping her really did take away something special from the show for me, that’s the main reason why I wish her looks had mainly stayed the same. Even without the BB cream in her scenes at home, it just wasn’t the same. I was happy to see her old look coming back in episode 15.

  3. Much better than 200 pound beauty. That drama was a superb example of movie people having this weird idea of fat people having no neck at all. When you want to make a skinny person to look fat, you put a fake neck on her/him and voila! Geez. I used to weight over 200 lbs and I did not only have a visible and shapely neck but I also had a waist – I have a hourglass figure no matter the weight.

    However, the fact that a person has to lose weight to have a romance – to be worthy of love and affection, is beyond insulting. Ugh.

  4. What is up with So Ji Sub’s face in the still though, he looks like hes in some makjang drama, whereas Shin Min Ah looks like she’s in a rom com.

  5. I just dont get it when they have to go as far as making them with zero fashion sense. Does being fat equal to having no fashion sense like wearing round glasses to look more ugly. I have seen a lot of chubby, round women who still looks absolutely gorgeous. Being fat dont make them lost their fashion sense. I hope this drama doesn’t go that way. Her being chubby is enough. As a woman, i’d love me some good sense write up. Some that actually lift up women at any sizes. Please…not everyone looks pretty when they are thin and slim. Some look even more gorgeous when they have some meats on them. Look at Kim Kardashian. Just an opinion. Kthanxbye.✌

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