Yoona Lovely in Cartier and Cast as Hyun Bin’s Leading Lady for K-movie Cooperation

This is a big step forward for idol-actess Yoona of SNSD, and only when the project arrives will it be clear whether this is a giant leap in the right direction or a fumbling misstep. Yoona has just been cast as Hyun Bin‘s leading lady in the K-movie Cooperation, one of those popular genre flicks about North-South Korea issues. This one deals with the North and South cooperating to investigate a big conspiracy. Hyun Bin plays a North Korean turned defector, while Yoona’s role is the sister-in-law of Yoo Hae Jin‘s South Korean investigator character.

Cooperation will mark Yoona’s first big screen acting project, and another new direction for her career as she’s already done the recent It Project in a Chinese drama with Lin Geng Xin called God of War. Idols have a limited shelf life and I don’t mind if Yoona keeps exploring a longer term future as an actress, especially if she lands promising projects like this. I’ll keep my expectations in check for Cooperation but no longer feel trepidation when Yoona attempts to challenge herself, after Prime Minister and I she can wallow in my goodwill for a good long while. She’s also looking exquisite in last month’s Marie Claire pictorial for a elegant jewelry brand Cartier.


Yoona Lovely in Cartier and Cast as Hyun Bin’s Leading Lady for K-movie Cooperation — 17 Comments

  1. Considering Hyun Bin’s luck and her luck…well, let’s hope for the best.

    I don’t think this is a big part from what I’ve read. Seems just a small role.

    • Another one person who speak without knowing anything. Please note dear that Fatal Encounter his last movie had more than 3 millions of tickets sold and Late autumn was a big hit in China and Korea

  2. She is one of the rare young actresses that has this old school elegant feel ,like Lee Young Ae or Choi Ji Woo. I think she pulls of this concept perfectly. And let`s see how she does in the movie.

    • that’s absurd! those you mentioned had big smashing hits under their sleeves as Hallyu actresses. Yoona will forever be an Idol star, not a Hallyu actress, real talk!

  3. I heard she’s a side character, tho.

    She looks pretty, but expressionless. I have this perception of Yoona in which she express a lot with her mouth, while laughing and talking, but her eyes are dead. Maybe it’s just me lol

    Don’t kill me Yoona fans, pls

  4. Not a SNSD fan. But Prime Minister and Me changed my perception about this doll Yoona. At least her acting was convincing in that drama. Wish her the best in the new movie project.

  5. I really like Hyun Bin so i hope he has more luck with this project. I have nothing against Yoona and i think shell make a good pair with him.

    • Pfffffff Hyun Bin habitual flop ?????? maybe you are a alien nd you don’t know whatappen in this world. Success of Fatal Encounter, Late Autumn. Oh Oh Oh Poor alien you are

  6. I love HYun Bin first. This script is just so GOOD, the rest of the cast is very talentuous. So i’ll Watch it definitively. FIGHTING Team Cooperation

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