Press Conference and Promising Long Preview for Oh My Venus Premiering Monday

Monday is the premiere is new love and weight loss rom-com Oh My Venus, taking over for Sassy Go Go on KBS Mon-Tues. While KBS continues to be the perennial ratings loser in that time slot, recently concluded MBC rom-com She Was Pretty did really good ratings over on Wed-Thurs, so perhaps that crew will migrate over to check out Oh My Venus for a continued rom-com fix. SWP didn’t work for me and I tried so hard to like it because I wanted to like it, but alas with leads I don’t connect with the whole cake ends up falling flat for me.

With Oh My Venus, I continue to hope that it’ll be right up my alley and from the long preview that certainly seems quite possible. I find Shin Mina adorable even in her fat suit makeup, but more importantly I like her character for coming across as normal and not shrill or over-the-top. So Ji Sub is also very low key and the two leads seem to have a non-antagonistic relationship from the get go which is a welcome respite. Check out the press conference pics and then watch the long preview with subs.

Long preview for Oh My Venus (English subs):


Press Conference and Promising Long Preview for Oh My Venus Premiering Monday — 11 Comments

  1. Can she be this cute during the whole thing? no need to do make over or whatever, she’s not that fat anyway. She’s just a cute little thing.

  2. I hope that drama will be good. sassy go go was a delight for me (i even loved it more than SWP which i liked too but it fizzled in its latter half. lucky the ending was worthy)
    SJS looks dashing and so is SMA! from the pics i already can tell they have chemistry. JKW look suprisngly good! (please drama make him bearable this time!).
    no comment on SH clothes lol. henry is cute! i already wait for their bromance with SJS
    YIY..what is this weird haircut? she looked so pretty in mask! hope she will change it ASAP.
    off to watch the long preview and crossing fingers this drama will be a great offering to finish the year.

  3. eKKkkk I’m excited. I’ve always liked how down to earth Shin Mina comes across on screen with all her characters. She’s so cute and I want to be friends with her =)
    SJS is super hot. I like this look way better. A more mature “I’m sorry I love You” version of him. He’s hawt teeheehee hope there’s tons of workout scenes.

    Am I the only one who thinks Jung Gyu Won and You In Young are like the Korean version of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence? Are they married??? They’re on-screen chemistry on all their dramas is daebak.

    Shipping OTP here. woooooohooo

  4.’s Henry. I have no idea he can act. haha..Is he gonna show off music talent again in the drama? That would be a waist if not.

  5. never imagine the ending turn out to be this way, i’m ROTFL all the way long eps 16, so hilarious, highly recommended, you wanna see any cheesy thing to the point you wanna puke about dating… (eps 15) watch this drama, very very entertaining, LOVE IT TO THE BIT!!! daebak oh my venus 😀 😀 😀

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