First Look at Lee Hyun Woo and Guest Star Lee Bum Soo in KBS Drama Moorim School

I’m curious why KBS in particular keeps sticking with the high school dramas when all recent ones have floundered to failed in ratings. Who Are You: School 2015 is only considered not an abject failure because it’s ratings went up mildly during its run and the drama got buzz online, but that can’t even be said for the recent Sassy Go Go. In general school dramas remain a hard sell, and with KBS being such a ratings doormat in the Mon-Tues slot, I’m perplexed why it scheduled upcoming Moorim School to follow Oh My Venus.

Maybe the drama will be fantastic, anything can happen, but for now the only hook in Moorim School is headliner Lee Hyun Woo (above) and a cameo appearance by Lee Bum Soo (below). There are also tons of idols and newbies, including Hong Bin of the group VIXX, but since none of them are familiar to me I’ll just keep a side eye out for this drama as it continues to film for an early January premiere. Lee Hyun Woo does look unexpectedly good with that ashy blond hair color, but the same can’t be said for the hair style Lee Bum Soo is stuck with. Let’s just call it a crew up reverse mullet on top, or plain fugly.


First Look at Lee Hyun Woo and Guest Star Lee Bum Soo in KBS Drama Moorim School — 17 Comments

  1. I don’t know if you had time to check out SGG but to me it’s such a little gem. Despite the rating, it still has a quiet huge fanbase on net and internationally. Storyline and acting are on point and all in all it was a well done drama and what a highschool drama should be. you have romance but in the end friendship and loyalty still came out as heart of the drama. The cast couldn’t be more perfect. So imo it shouldn’t be considered a ‘failure’ or anything, well that is if you’d count other aspects than just the ratings. Sorry for being OT.

    • I agree with you!
      Actually in the first place, I didn’t want to watch it, but since my friends who watched it all said that it was really good,I tried to watch it.
      And I was shocked to find that I didn’t stop watching, all throught the night and during lectures too.
      SGG is such a gem that was totally underrated ♥♥

    • I thought it was pretty cute as well, the last few episodes were very well done and the acting was good too, especially from the sooah girl

      • that right.sgg is underated.this drama is a good one and I like all the cast.they really can portray their charcter very well…I like the loveline, not over and feel the 18 year old love.the bromance is so heartwarming….kim yeol and hajoon

      • yeah, Chae Soo Bin (Soo Ah) is amazing, I was shocked to learn she was a 94-line rookie who only debuted last year! She’s one to watch.

        Sassy Go Go had a great cast overall, really. Even N wasn’t too bad/writers kept his role small and gave Eunji, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Won Geun and Ji Soo more to do instead.

    • +1

      I was one of the many who didn’t consider to watch it, than one day i watched first episode and bam! the drama was so good it’s pity the ratings were bad.

      If moorim school going to be at least half of the perfection that was SGG i’m in.

    • YES!!! Aside from I Remember You SGG is the only other drama this year that I have loved! And it must be said, SGG was better than IRY because from beginning to end it was just perfect. I have no idea why the ratings were so low because everyone I know loved it to death! Was it not makjang enough for domestic audiences? Should there have been a birth secret or three? Multiple pairs of twins switching lives? I just don’t get it! Anyway, I can only hope Moorin School is half as good because then I will love it too.

    • Agree. Sassy Go Go has a nice story. They showed issues that real high school students go through realistically. I like the heart in the story and the cast were all good. Friendship, family, surviving difficulties, trust, seeking help…so many good things.

  2. Ockoala, you should actually try to give Sassy Go Go a try, maybe for light holiday watching? It’s refreshingly different and has glowing reviews from most blogs I’ve read and a HUGE international fan base. I, for one, am so so glad that KBS does not make dramas that cater strictly to the Korean fan base, otherwise I would have never watched such gem of a dramas like Healer, Sassy Go Go, Eccentric daughter in law and I Remember You. Most of my favorite dramas came from KBS this year. Instead we would have been stuck with dramas like Yong pal, and She Was Pretty, dramas that had high ratings with the Korean audiences but lost the international ones due to poor script writing in latter episodes.

    • I have to admit that this ajumma (me!) really liked SGG, surprisingly. I only started watching it for Eunji, since she is one young actress who I think has a lot of talent. But I thought the cast did a really good job, esp. because like Koala said in her post that school dramas can be a hard sell. A lot of times younger cast members are less experienced or the writing is lacking, but in this case, I have to give SGG a thumbs up! It’s about those tough high school years, peer pressure, parental expectations, finding oneself, redemption, and learning to be gracious and merciful even to those who really don’t seem like they deserve it. As a middle-aged mom, I thought it had a great story for the younger crowd it was certainly targeting. I don’t think you would be disappointed… as long as you go into watching it with those things in mind.

  3. The national college entrance examination/thick of exam season for Korean high schoolers was in early November…..and KBS chose to air a high school drama (whose target audience is high school kids) through October? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. On top of that, they did virtually no publicity pre-drama, it was bound to fail.

    Even Heirs had very middling ratings for its first half two years ago (which also aired in the period just before/during the Suneung) and only picked up later, and that was with a superstar writer and cast and months and months of hype beforehand.

    • Well in the case of SGG i wouldn’t be surprised although this time slot had very low rating with the exam or without him but in the case of heirs, it competed against secret love which was a pleasant surprise and did good and the viewers prefered it than the overrated hgh school drama..

  4. Hey ockoala like the comments mentioned above, you really should go try Sassy Go Go!! Don’t be so quick to judge based on the ratings it got (classic examples like IRY which is so underrated and Heirs which is so overrated). It may be a bit slow at first but it quickly picks itself up and truly showcases the value of friendship in high school with a touch of realism(: Plus the actors may be rookies but they are SO GOOD especially Chae Soo Bin and KIM YEOL<33 Give it a shot you won't be disappointed(:

  5. Dang! Lee Bum Soo ahjussi, please stay cool as how you looked in Prime Minister and Me. LOL…it doesn’t matter. I still love you. hahaha

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