Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Nara Pair Up for MBC Wed-Thurs Drama One More Happy Ending

I still remember a long stretch of years when Jang Nara was never seen in K-dramas, but with last year’s Fated to Love You, it’s been a nonstop bullet train of one drama after another. Last year she also did Mr. Back, and this year she was in I Remember You, and in early 2016 she will be in upcoming MBC drama One More Happy Ending (or Once More Happy Ending).

The drama will take over the Wed-Thurs time slot from Sweet Family, which means Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook will be pushed back yet again. Joining Jang Nara in One More Happy Ending will be Jung Kyung Ho, who did a noona romance already this year opposite Kim So Yeon in Falling for Innocence. Now this is an unexpected pairing, yet feels almost like it makes perfect sense.

One More Happy Ending deals with romance between folks who have been divorced or remarried before, the idea that failing at love before isn’t the end of the road and everyone still deserves a chance at love. I’m not a big Jang Nara fan and honestly her dramas don’t really garner high ratings, so I’m in the camp that doesn’t quite get why she keeps getting cast in dramas.

Then again, she’s also not bad to watch in the right roles so I’m not terribly peeved to see her constantly onscreen, other than a bit of ennui in wanting different faces. I kinda felt that way about Hwang Jung Eum in She Was Pretty, loved her to pieces in Kill Me Heal Me but she was just so blah in SWP so that added to the sensation of boredom. Hope One More Happy Ending gives the audiences something to cheer for and feel swept up in.


Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Nara Pair Up for MBC Wed-Thurs Drama One More Happy Ending — 36 Comments

    • I really wish Jung Kyung Ho would do more dramas like Cruel City. He was charismatic and captivating in that drama. Sadly, I don’t enjoy watching him in the comedic, romantic lead type roles, and I also don’t enjoy the way he is styled in those dramas.

    • Yeah you are right. Koala only liked a few people to act in tons of dramas.
      And I dunno who koala likes. But I know who koala disliked, like one whole list …

  1. “I’m not a big Jang Nara fan and honestly her dramas don’t really garner high ratings, so I’m in the camp that doesn’t quite get why she keeps getting cast in dramas.”

    Koala, big stars like Song Hye Kyo, Jung Ji Hyun and so on actually do not do dramas frequently. Plus, keep getting cast can be contributed by many factors. For example, the less payment, her attitude and so on. I think it depends on project too, the bigger scale of drama, the more they will try to cast at the top stars. Plus, even top stars will not promise for a high rating.

    I have no complaint about her always being casted, since she can ACT and actually has some popularity as well. Plus, she never ruined any drama because of her acting.

    • Jang Nara cast for a few reason right off the top of my head, one she can act and be trusted to act the role given her and bring something speacil to the role,two her dramas while not huge hits are in these day of single number veiwer rating are still solid dramas ie there no risk of acually losing money, even more so when you add in reason number three, that is almost a certain sale for any drama she in to China and other counties in greater Asia area and four she can do a song or two to spice up the OST for the drama, though she very much more into acting these days, she still sings . I guess that a five is related to that as well as the aura from the years of the Jang Nara craze early 2000’s is still felt in Korea.

  2. So many casting news today.Go Soo is making his comeback to the small screen with Jin se yeon while EXO’s Beakhyun is cast in Bu bu Xing(k-adpt) and Kim so hyun is cast in writer Pak hye rhyun drama

  3. You find HJE blah in swp? Well,you could just say that the writing was not up to your par,but to say she was not so good is a bit harsh.I think actors really do their part,it’s the writing/direction which should be credited to fault.

      • I think it goes with her character,some people are hysterical,it dint seem like overacting to me.Rather,I liked the original unkempt awkward hye jin a lot really,more than the one who became pretty later on.

  4. I always find Jang Nara performance to be serviceable at her lowest and wonderfully natural (fated to love you + my bratty princess) at her highest. So I certainly have no issues with her doing another drama. Since she won’t make me pull out my hair over her acting credibility. So she’s one of my favourite for the exact reason.

    Anyhow, yay for Jung Kyung Ho!!! He hasn’t been on the big 3 network for a while

  5. Thanks dramagods for giving JN a solid male lead! now i’ll definitely watch it! this will be an interrsting pairing for sure..hope they will have chemisty.

    about JN herself, i don’t think she’s too overrated and in the 2 dramas i watched her (FTLY and IRY) she gave a good performance and she’s very agreeble to the eyes.

    I don’t agree about HJE in SWP, i think it’s not her fault the drama went to nowhere in the second half, rather than that she still was good in her role. the problem with the drama is that they used all they have till ep 10 and after that the writers didn’t know what to do with the drama so they kinda improvized and that’s why many left with a sour taste. tho i’m glad at least the last episode wasn’t so bland and we got the ending we wanted.

    • Yeah I think the script wasn’t awesome in SWP in the later half esp on the romance.

      The plot is also lacking which limits the actors in bringing out more versatiliy. That’s the problem with pure romance drama….

      • I agree. great example is PSJ who was great in KMHM but didn’t have much to do with his role in SWP and that’s pity. maybe that why many viewers came with crazy theories about him lol. no doubt the one who got most from that drama was Choi si won who stole the limelight. i get a feeling that after finishing his service in the army he’ll be offered main roles. the reviews about his role are really good.

      • Dear pearl, yes you are right – choi si won is underrated. He has improved in acting so hopefully he gets leading roles.
        PSJ should be given more interesting lines to showcase his talents. There were some good and cute moments of PSJ after the revelation of HJ’s identity and before the kiss…
        But after the kiss the sizzle and tension lessened to accommodate the silly plot of the magazine and HJ’s ambition ….What a way to wrap up the series….after such a promising start and cast…

  6. Jang Nara actually did draw good ratings prior to this ratings slump. IRY was the only ratings flop she has (but well received) and Mr Back averaged over 10 though it was a piece of cr*p. She was actually known to be a hitmaker so I’m not sure what you’re getting on about.

    • IRY did have low veiwer ratings, though again they where much higher on the internet in korea, it to be remembered that the time slot has a history of poor veiwer rating on KBS, but IRY was one of the best all around dramas made this year, that is there is no low point in production writing and acting, they all worked so well together right through the whole drama that it is credit to KBS that they never allowed netzien pressure to say add more romance to the drama and keep to the writers vision through out. In many ways it may not have been a ratings winner but it was certain one that put credit to all involved.

  7. Jang Nara can actually ACT, and unlike some lead actresses, she’s able to blend into her character so you don’t feel like you’re watching the same actress over and over again, in different dramas. I loved her in all her previous roles (latest ones, of course) with the exception of Mr. Baek, whose script was so bad, I just want to forget the drama ever existed. I am happy at this pairing and am looking forward to watching this drama, hopefully the script will be good.

  8. I heard about her being cast yesterday and am SO glad that Jung Kyungho’s her leading man. Ths show does appear to be female-centric going by the summary on dramabeans so I hope she gets her time to shine. She’s a wonderful, underrated actress (brilliant in I Remember You) and whom I love as much as Hwang Jungeum. Ms. Koala, how do you feel about the casting of Go Soo and Jin Seyeon together?

  9. Can’t stand JKH. He cannot act for the life of him, and is not handsome, and is not handsome. He is only a second lead material at best.

    • “Not handsome” is subjective, but “cannot act for the life of him” made me laugh so hard.

      Please do yourself the favour of watching Cruel City and be enlightened to his talents.

    • Have you seen Smile You? JKH is a good actor. He also has the looks and proportions of a model. ….but he’s more interested in the craft of acting.

    • Cannot act is the last thing i could say about him. he was very good in the dramas i watch him (especially cruel city, i loved his comic delivery in falling for innocence and even his role in endless love. the drama was meh but he was solid!)

    • Haha, I always look at him and think, what a skinny little pipsqueak and then he starts acting and I FALL IN LOVE AGAIN. The show always ends with me thinking he is the hottest, handsomest, smartest, and often the funniest character I can think of. He’s jumped off the screen for me all the way back to MISA and TBDW, I think he’s terribly underrated and am so happy about this news!

  10. After watching SWP….I went from being a die hard fan of HJE to not being able to stand the sight of her.
    Choi Siwon looked good, charming….not cheesy as he usually does. ….but his acting was one dimensional as always. The leading man was very good and so was the second leading lady. I enjoyed the first half of SWP but it just fell apart after that. I wish HJ had kept her unique quirky hair instead of going for the makeover which made her look generic . I also wish she had focussed on making something of herself (which happened only at the end) and not forgiving SJ so easily. He was a complete jerk to her for no good reason.

    • I agree with you. She was bearable to watch before, but now her acting has just gone downhill. She tends to overact and it gets so irritating. I know people are saying it’s not her fault and it’s just the script writing/directing and whatever, but I disagree. She overacted in KMHM, which had pretty solid writing. And in SWP, her portrayal was just not convincing to me. Quite bland to say the least. She cannot be completely faultless when it comes to the way she portrays her characters. All her characters are always over the top.

  11. I haven’t been following SWP despite loving both leads in KMHM, just not my type of drama… But that’s not even what this post is about lol

    I ADORE Jung Kyung Ho! This pair makes sense to me for some reason.. I hope this turns out good.

  12. I like both Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho and have no issue with their acting. Will watch…people getting a second chance at love…I am on!

  13. kyungho oppa in Falling For Innocence deserved an award, but then.. he got nothing but it’s okay, he got many new fans bcuz of that drama.. so im so anticipated for his upcoming project..

    jang nara… i didnt finish her Mr. Back, and also Fated to love you. But I remember you was good enough…
    definitely not my fave actress, but i have no prob watching her.

    i kinda agree about HJE in KMHM and SWP…

    kyungho oppa fighting!

  14. HJE will never change her acting ….means she is no good nowdays ….I don’t know who changed her lyk dat so overreacting …secret & giant only she performed well

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