Yoo Seung Ho and Plump Tabby Melt Hearts at the Imaginary Cat Press Conference

The only thing better than Yoo Seung Ho with a cat is a chubby tabby with attitude that isn’t falling for his allure. So cute, so so cute! As a dog person this tableau could only be improved upon if he was holding a squirming puppy and the drama was called Imaginary Dog. But I still find cats chill and fun so I’m definitely going to check on Imaginary Cat, which actually has a cast beyond Yoo Seung Ho and cat, but I don’t know why any else is and really all I care about is baby boy Seung Ho and the meowry cat. The drama premieres November 24th on MBC Every1 and is scheduled to run for a short and sweet 8 episodes. I have a feeling round kitty would like that, he/she doesn’t seem all that into the famous glitz and glamour displays.


Yoo Seung Ho and Plump Tabby Melt Hearts at the Imaginary Cat Press Conference — 6 Comments

  1. Solar is prettier than the female lead and I`m must I`m bias toward Solar. Love her voice.

    I wanted to check out the drama, but there was so much negative comments about the acting chops of the female lead. And that she got the role through connections not talent. So I will wait and so how the drama turns out.

  2. Love Yoo Seungho and the cat, but the execution of this drama leaves something to be desired. I just feel that the dubbing actress who plays the cat is miscast. Her voice doesn’t seem to match this cool, laid-back cat.

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