Yoo Ah In the Man of the Night Winning Best Actor at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards

It’s a nice time to be Yoo Ah In right now, what with a ratings leader sageuk drama in Six Flying Dragons and now just crowned as the Best Actor winner at the 36th annual Blue Dragon Film Awards for his performance in sageuk movie The Throne (Sado). The Throne lost out to Assassination for Best Picture, but managed to net Jeon Hye Jin a Best Supporting Actress award. The reason for Yoo Ah In being the center of attention also goes to his movie Veteran with Hwang Jung Min help get their director a Best Director Award. Best Actress went to Lee Jung Hyun for Alice in Earnestland, and the surprise win for New¬†Actor went to Choi Woo Shik for Giant. Picking up popularity awards were Lee Min Ho, Seolhyun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young. All in all it was way more star-studded than the Grand Bell Awards, and it up to super cool Kim Hye Soo to actually snark about it when she presented about how this particular award show actually gave out good (i.e. deserving) awards.



Yoo Ah In the Man of the Night Winning Best Actor at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards — 18 Comments

  1. Park bo young looks beautiful,happy she went with a dress that isn’t white or black lol ,but congratulations to all the winners .

  2. Yoo ah in’s time to shine!! He really deserves th award.. He’s not just got the looks but has the talent and passion for his craft.. For sure he will be one of the top actors of chungmuro films in the years to come!

  3. WOOHOO! Congrats, YOO AH IN! I recall someone in Koala’s Playground mocked him for being a one time hit whatsoever unlike your idol oppa. Eat that!

    • lmao someone did that? Do they think his career was limited to 2012-13 only, because boy was cleaning up the box office and critical acclaim for years before now (Punch, Secret Love Affair, Sungkyunkwan Scandal…and that’s leaving aside his teenage success in Banollim)

  4. IKR! Yoo Ah In has a very long acting career with a handful critically acclaim & successful movies/dramas. He built his impressive resume from the bottom to the top without being swayed from his strong principle. Looking forward to seeing his future projects.

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