C-ent Buzzing About the Too Pretty Bromance of Guo Jingming and Cheney Chen

Chinese press and netizens are buzzing about the latest display of affection and bromance between writer-director-actor Guo Jingming and his actor protege Cheney Chen. The two have been so open about their friendship, and their fans and the press so fine with it, it’s almost no big deal whether or not they confirm long running rumors that they are a couple. China may have tough drug laws but no one seems to bat an eyelash with same sex entertainment couples, other than to swoon over how cute they are together.

Cheney shot to stardom after being cast in Tiny Times by Guo Jingming, and has since then steadily built his acting resume while Guo Jingming continues to turn his novels into dramas and movies. This week they attended a press conference and Guo Jingming was asked about their relationship openly and he said they are just friends, and then added “what do you want me to say in this public setting?” Then they posted the adorable selfie above with Guo Jingming asking “Daddy, where are we going?” and getting back a blushing emoticon from Cheney. Okay, these two are too cute and would be great if they can blaze a trail.


C-ent Buzzing About the Too Pretty Bromance of Guo Jingming and Cheney Chen — 4 Comments

  1. When I read “bromance” in the title and then saw that picture, I was like, wait a minute…but they are any other celeb are under no obligation to come out and I’m glad they don’t feel much pressure and are left alone to be happy. They are cute!!

    Do you know of any rumored lesbian couples in the chinese entertainment industry? You only really hear about the guys.

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