Tzuyu of New Girl Group Twice is the First Taiwanese Member of a K-pop Group

Korean music idols are a dime a dozen and it take the exception from the normal cross-over into acting for me to take notice. I’ve broken from the trend here because the Taiwanese media, and to the same extent the Korean media, is all over this brand new idol girl who is just north of 16 years old. New Korean girl group Twice is getting tons of media coverage for its Taiwanese member Tzuyu (Chou Zhi Yu) for her supposedly insanely gorgeous all natural looks.

‘m way more gung ho about Tzuyu being the first ever Taiwanese member of any Korean pop group, with there being overseas members from various countries but Tzuyu is the first one from Taiwan proper. I’m sure she’ll get tons of backlack and blowback but for now she’s apparently the apple of the K-media eye, getting tons of great articles about her amazing looks. It’s wonderful to see Taiwan representing when it comes to K-pop, and even better is Tzuyu actually deviating from the typical K-idol girl looks and exemplifying a very Taiwanese aesthetic.


Tzuyu of New Girl Group Twice is the First Taiwanese Member of a K-pop Group — 29 Comments

  1. I honestly can’t see how she looks any different from other Korean idols (her features are exactly the idol type) but she is very pretty I guess?

    • Her tanned skin. Plus her features don’t really match what Koreans prefer, their standard of beauty, what with pale skin, v-line, small nose etc. Tzuyu’ looks is more striking but still has that soft look that works well imo.

    • Agree! I’m an avid Kpopper. She really looks no different from other idol girls. I hope she has never gone under knives. But it’s hard to tell. The kinda facial feature she has is nothing exceptional among Taiwanese girls. But Koreans genetically appear more in resemblance to Northern Chinese in looks that are different from more delicate facial features (double lids, big eyes etc) of Southern Chinese descent.

  2. Koala, her name is spelled as Tzuyu with a z not s.
    Yes her name transliterated into various languages is quite hard, if you wanna know how her name is said in Korean it sounds like Jjeu-wi 쯔위 or simply nicknamed as Chewy.

    In a few years we will be seeing her starring in Taiwanese dramas (or setting her foot in the Chinese-speaking entertainment world).

  3. I am asking. Is it possible for people to have natural teeth looking like that and not from veneers?

    But she is insanely attractive though.

    • If you notice closely you’ll see her front tooth is slightly crooked so I would imagine those are her natural teeth, or they did a terrible job on her.

  4. She is gorgeous. It is mind blowing that she is only 16. Speaking of sixteen, I watched the JYP survival program that she was a part of, and i noticed that in the earlier few episodes, she looked noticeably younger…and a few episodes later she looked so much more mature. Puberty hit her in all the right places though lol. Girl has a nice future ahead of her!

    • They also changed her styling dramatically, they gave her glam hair extensions, lighter hair color, reshaped her eyebrows and modified her makeup. If you happen to catch her in one of their more laid back IG posts she looks younger. But yes, the girl IS gorgeous.

      • I noticed the change in styling as well. But is it just me, or did her body go from stick thin to much more “glamorous?” Not to be creepy or anything, lol. I think some netizens forget how young she really is.

  5. She is 16? My, she looks older than her age. As long as the girl is willing to bare her midriff, wears skimpy clothing and dance provocatively, ya, I see no reason why she can’t become a member of a K-pop girl group and gained all the attention.

    • Her parents were from Taiwan, but she would be considered Chinese-American.

      The whole topic of Chinese vs Taiwanese vs Hong Konger is a touchy subject. I personally think those labels are considered nationality while the ethnicity is Chinese as whole.

      • Taiwan is not only different from China in sociopolitical aspects, but also in genetic ethnicity, strictly speaking. The majority Taiwanese (over 85%) genetically deviate from mainland Chinese due to long term transracial marriage and mix with S.E. Asian aboriginal tribes (there were already at least 9 such tribes dwelling in Taiwan before Chinese migrated to the island several centuries ago), Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese (those who ever occupied and ruled the island in Taiwanese history). So there is INDEED difference in ethnicity even both China and Taiwan share the same official spoken language and some common Chinese culture aspects although the difference is nothing as contrast between the East and the West.

    • Yeah, it’s just been overshadowed by people recognizing her as Asian-American. Henry’s mother is also from Taiwan, but he’s been known by most as being from Canada.

    • Amber is Taiwanese-American, Henry is Taiwanese-Canadian.

      Tzuyu is straight up Taiwanese with no overseas background. That’s the difference is all.

      • Henry is Canadian Hong Kong/Taiwanese. His dad is from Hong Kong and his mom is from Taiwan. Henry always reminds his Hong Kong fans,that his,dad is from Hong Kong. 🙂

  6. Eh what is so sriking ? She looks like Seolhyun from AOA especially the smile. Typical asian “beauty” with no curves. In the kpop pool the only group I like now is BAP

  7. Tzuyu got my attention when I knew she is from Taiwan, as it is quite rare in Kpop world. I think she resembles Lorene Ren (Rong Rong), and apparently there are a few people who think so.

  8. When she appeared in Twice MV, I’m like “she’s gorgeous.” I totally failed, I thought she was Japanese. I didn’t know she was Taiwanese, good thing to know.

  9. Wow, she’s gorgeous. A perfect combination of pretty face and beautiful body. I’m envious of the lack of fat in her stomach area lol. Hope she grows up well.

  10. Is she getting more attention in Taiwan over her looks or because she is the first Taiwanese kpop idol? Because sure she’s cute but nothing spectacular kinda average really in terms of Taiwanese aesthetics. In fact she reminds me of a more feminine looking f(x)’s Amber (maybe the nose?) which doesn’t really help her case of standing out anywhere.

    • ^ for both: gorgeous facial features AND being the first Taiwanese member to be in a Kpop group. All of this and the fact that she’s only 16.

  11. Tzuyu does look different from Korean idols. She is in a league of her own. A good mix between Japanese and Chinese looks. I would say she definitely represents the best of Taiwanese beauty. Of all the Asian countries I have travelled to, Taiwanese girls in general has the best figure and looks among all Asian girls. They are the best! Am glad Tzuyu was discovered and presented to the world. Her beauty and figure is the epitome of Asian beauty. I love her style and looks. Subtle beauty, sharp defined features but subtle and natural to the eye. She’s gorgeous! Taiwanese girls are a hidden gem. Entertainment companies should scout more K-pop band members from Taiwan. Both Taiwanese girls and guys! Taiwanese guys are hidden gems waiting to be discovered too. Taiwanese grasp of the English language outs them at a disadvantage but hey that is no big issue. Look at the Koreans, they hardly speak any English too. That is why many Korean idols are recruited from the US. They have this simple street look but their features are clean and defined. With a little makeover and packaging, Taiwanese can also take Asia and the world by storm.

  12. Thai, Singaporeans, Malaysians and Taiwanese girls are guys are hidden gems. More should be scouted from these countries. They all have unique and exotic pan-asian features compared to your typical Korean, Japanese, Chinese looks which are starting to get boring as most look alike. We need fresh faces with exotic features. Hope to see more represented from these countries.

  13. I would place Tsuyu in first place in terms of beauty and figure. She’s tall too, her physical attributes are proportionate too. Like a perfect doll. She’s totally my type.

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