Episode 5 of Marry Me or Not Brings the OTP to Dream and Real Cohabitational Bliss

I’m having a hard time succinctly verbalizing what I love so much about TW-drama Marry Me or Not. Even if it didn’t star my beloved Roy Qiu and Alice Ke reunion coupling, the narrative storytelling is top notch on its own. What Roy and Alice bring is incomparable sizzle and delicate nuance, so one moment I think the screen is going to catch fire, but then it’s all in the subtle glances and knowing gestures.

Which is to say, this drama rocks so hard an entire arena tour might not be enough to contain it. Episode 5 brought the OTP to a day of living together that came about for all the wrong reasons but delivered all the right (i.e. genuine feelings). That’s what I love the most about Huan Huan and Justin – they are playing each other, and both know it, but that can’t stop the real falling for each other emotions to pour forth naturally. This is drama romance at it’s best, all manufactured situations but the feels are real.


Episode 5 of Marry Me or Not Brings the OTP to Dream and Real Cohabitational Bliss — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you dear Ockoala for introducing me to this one of a kind drama. I haven’t watched a TW-drama for decades because it’s always a hit or miss for me. But this one is just almost too perfect! Actually better than the korean dramas I’ve seen lately. Too bad that it’s only once a week and kinda regret not waiting for the drama to finish because now I can’t wait for the next episode to come out! I actually miss your recap where we all talk or squee together just to kill sometime because you know, once a week episode is not enough!!!!

    • I highly recommend the 2015 Taiwan drama called someone like you. A bit cliche but the romance and kiss scenes are far above any k-drama this year.

      Also I also highly recommend the current Chinese drama love me if you dare. Agreed with all the fellow commenters, Wallace Huo is amazing in this drama.

      • OMG. I loved watching someone like you. the first 2 episodes were a bit annoying the female lead irriated me in the 1st 2 episodes but after that it was sweetness and wonderful angst

  2. You have my thanks too. Started watching it because you were raving over it so, and I’m loving it!

    On a side note, is anyone watching Love Me If You Dare? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!! That show is awesomeness perfection!

  3. I want to thank you as well to introducing me to this drama, and Office Girls (currently watching that as well) – it’s been a while T-dramas have captivated me so much! I can see why you raved about Office Girls – it’s great watching that drama and this one at the same time, you can see how much they have matured (and sizzled!). Based on the comments, adding my list to watch: Someone Like You and Love Me If You Dare. Thanks to all!!!

  4. Ep 5 was another great episode of marry me! roy and alice so sizzling together i start to ship them for real!haha
    Also it seems there will be some action to sheng nan as well as finally the second lead will come and turn things around..

    So agree bout love me if you dare! its one of the best c-dramas i watched!

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