Romance and the Pursuit of Justice are the Themes of the Drama Posters for Remember

I excepted more pretty with the posters for SBS drama Remember, but one out of three ain’t bad and these days I’m grateful for the little bits of delivered quality. The official drama posters are out for Remember, and it might have been better if the network just released the one on top featuring leads Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young on a picnic date by the train tracks and called it a day. It doesn’t raise up to the level of fantastic or even all that creative, but it captures a tender moment between the two leads evidencing a palpable chemistry.

It also makes me wonder about the meaning of the backdrop being a set of train tracks, which is a good way to whet the appetite. Sadly the other two drama posters drag own the ambiance, going for tense and gritty in the typical K-drama poster style of sticking a heads around the lead. These types of drama poster designs are basically forgettable and interchangeable with just the replacement of different casts. If I go by the ratio, that might mean the drama is 1/3rd about the romance aspect and 2/3rds about Yoo Seung Ho’s daddy exonerating justice quest.


Romance and the Pursuit of Justice are the Themes of the Drama Posters for Remember — 5 Comments

  1. Omg sticking heads around the lead lol, but now that you mentioned, you’re right! I can name a few drama posters that were like that just from recent memory.

  2. Yeah, only the first one is decent. The second poster design is hideous but at the same time the bad guy looks intriguingly evil and Namgoong Min looks SO GOOD.

    I was wondering why he suddenly looked so hot and someone mentioned that his bangs are off his face for once. I go to google and sure enough in pretty much all the pics, he has bangs covering his forehead. I can’t believe he deprived us of all of his gorgeous face for so long 😉

    Anyway, hope the drama is good!!!

    • I totally agree with you…While I love YSH my other love is NGM but I wish they wouldn’t make him evil all the time..his last two drama he played an evil character and I don’t like that…LOL…I wish they would give him a lead role quick.

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