Looking Forward to Adorable C-drama Love & Life & Lie with Chen Xiao and Zhou Dong Yu

There are so many completed filming C-dramasthat aired his year in 2015. A bunch were front loaded into January and February around the lunar new year holiday vacation season but the one I’m looking forward to the most was tentatively scheduled to start the summer season off with a June airing, too bad that didn’t happen. The drama is called Love & Life & Lie but the Chinese title is the very literal Mr. Li Encounters Love (遇见爱情的利先生) and stars popular young actor Chen Xiao in his very first modern role. It’s pretty funny how many dramas and movies he has under his belt and hasn’t done a modern project until now.

His costar is a reunion with his Gong movie leading lady Zhou Dong Yu and the chemistry is off-the-charts in the preview and stills alone. It’s based on a C-novel called Glass Slipper and sounds just like the typical rich self-absorbed playboy meets plucky poor girl and learns what love is. Except the preview is wrapped so many layers of funny, sweet awesome it hooked me from the first frame on. I’ve honestly replayed the preview too many times to count already. Can’t wait for this drama to drop and finally have Chen Xiao’s brand of self-aware wink-wink humor and intensity back on screen with a leading lady worth watching.

First teaser for Love & Life & Lie:


Looking Forward to Adorable C-drama Love & Life & Lie with Chen Xiao and Zhou Dong Yu — 7 Comments

    • It’s not. That Japanese character is used to replace the Chinese character 的. People do this a lot when writing as the Japanese character is easier to write.

  1. Looks cute!!! I like Zhou Dong Yu, indifferent about Chen Xiao since I don’t really watch his ancient dramas but I think he looks good in modern fashion.

  2. I am honestly disappointed by the trailer because it does not give off the vibe of the novel it was adapted from. The novel is far more angsty and centered around the theme of revenge, whereas this trailer gives off the vibe of a typical “Cinderella meets her prince charming” romcom. How disappointing!

  3. Yeah! Finally a new drama of this hot commodity Chen Xiao. I’m thirsty for his new projects coming on screen. LOL…Currently watching the Romance of Condor Heroes. A bit disappointed at the beginning of the series because this version of adaptation did not speak of the charm of the original novel. And I felt the main female lead, Michelle Chen, looked really off the original character, Xiaolongnu. Nevertheless, Chen Xiao as Gouer is super charming in the drama and his chemistry with Michelle Chen midway through the series is also commendable. So that saves the drama a bit. I really appreciate the chance to revive my pique in drama again all thanks to C historical dramas I’ve watched recently including the Legend of Lu Zhen. Chen Xiao was super hot in Lu Zhen but honestly the plot and filming wasn’t as good as Nirvana in Fire. Well, C entertainment should well recognize this guy’s potential and gives him ace projects to double speed up his fame. More people need to know him.

  4. can’t wait for this…was hoping that they would use his voice instead of having someone else dubb it, since his voice is really nice and would enhance the comedic side of him.

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