The OTP Goes on a Pretend Date that Gets All Too Real in Episode 6 of Marry Me or Not

The director of Marry Me or Not gets my unending thanks on a twofold level, one for filming this drama so beautifully it takes my breath away, and second for pushing his leads on the acting level to keep upping their performance and get out of their comfort zone. All of that shows up onscreen as perfection for the viewers, and in many ways we the viewers are represented in the drama in the roles of the supporting characters wanting the best for the leads.

Huan Huan’s fortune teller mom is a hoot, and really we’re all on her side to cast whatever hoo doo helps get two destined people to recognize what is in front of them. I’m also loving all the friends and work place gossips, all the conflict helps bring things out in the open, and who says the romance has to be straightforward to be forever. Episode 6 looks to bring second male lead Harry Chang into the picture (finally!), and allow our OTP to go on a real date that might not end the way either of them expects. Whatever happens, I now have faith it’ll make me laugh and swoon, as every episode of MMoN has done so far.


The OTP Goes on a Pretend Date that Gets All Too Real in Episode 6 of Marry Me or Not — 8 Comments

  1. thank you for the consistent updates on this drama. I’m loving it but the long wait between episodes is so hard consequently!

    I’m interested to see the second lead enter the picture, though I hope he doesn’t interrupt the otp. from the preview it also seems like the uncle comes back and I really hope he dorsnt…

    honestly, I could just watch an hour of huan huan and Justin cohabiting and trying to one up the other…

  2. I love how Alice’s character is super feisty and competitive, in comparison to her Office Girls’s character. Of course the dramas have a different punch to it, but I love characters who can stand up for themselves.

  3. episode 5 was relatively boring actually I stopped in the middle and cont watching the rest next day*sighs*. waiting for 2nd lead probably taking his sweet time to appear.

  4. I love huan huan and justin together so much but yes second lead need to appear in order for them to realise they really meant to each other and this all is not a game..also sheng nan deserves love too, she really isn’t a bad person. she could easy be a female lead in other drama with her own story..hope the drama won’t turn her to evil second lead since we already have a cunning female as huan huan hehe

  5. Enjoying this drama a lot. And actually don’t like the 2nd lead actor so he can appear whenever.

    I thought episode 5 was a hoot. If this is their boring I don’t even touch most TW dramas- as they verge on the ridiculous most of the time.

  6. From the preview Huan Huan breaks up with him at the end of their date.

    I concede giggling and swooning very often, while the constant lying from most characters bothers me A LOT. Like it’s a normal way of life. *shake head* Their relationship has been founded on very shaky grounds that should collapse sooner than later. Starting anew? In dramas, it’ll work. In real life, however…

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