Jung Il Woo and Ahn Jae Hyun Join 2016 Fantasy Romance K-drama Cinderella and Four Knights


A new K-drama started casting recently with the addition of not one but two male leads at the same time. Jung Il Woo and Ahn Jae Hyun are reportedly inked for upcoming romantic fantasy drama Cinderella and Four Knights, adapted from the Korean web novel of the same name. The drama is being produced by the production company behind You From Another Star and Yongpal, and aims to be full pre-filmed with a latter half 2016 airing date. I’m fairly certain this drama will eventually end up on the SBS roster. Cinderella is the┬ástory about a spunky female high school student and her encounters living under the same roof with three rich male classmates and one male bodyguard. The writer of the web novel also wrote the web novel that was the basis for tvN drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, which coincidentally starred Jung Il Woo. The drama plans to finish casting this month and start filming in January 2016.



Jung Il Woo and Ahn Jae Hyun Join 2016 Fantasy Romance K-drama Cinderella and Four Knights — 34 Comments

  1. I’m hoping Jung Il Woo will play the part of the bodyguard, he’s way past high school looks. Ahn Jae Hyun is all right as long as he’s second or third lead.

    • I hope they don’t hire a female idol but I wouldn’t mind Sandara Park because she’s NEVER aging. They need to give her a proper drama although, I don’t think I can take this drama too seriously. I wouldn’t mind Park Bo Young or Kim So Eun.

  2. I know Han Groo doesn’t look like a high schooler anymore(plus she just got married so she must be busy and this sounds boring sorry but I might be wrong and she might get her deserved big break so yeah lol). But I could and I would suspend so much disbelief for good actors.

    Case in point: Miss Korea. Lee Sun Gyun was almost 40, Lee Yeon Hee, younger(26?) but still not high schooler-y. Sorry. I had to segue because I’ve been loving this drama so much. Too bad I’m late to the party. So thanks to Koala for the recaps and the commenters, I don’t feel so alone. Haha. ­čÖé

      • he is but too bad his recent dramas are total failures one after another..he needs to choose his dramas more wisely. the last good one he starred was MTETS and he wasn’t even the lead.
        i do agree about ahn jae hyun tho..such a meh actor and he insults other idol actors lol

      • @Pearl286, I agree ,the night watchmen was terrible, just his recent web drama was very good ,it is also popular af in China right now ,but when coming to korean dramas ,I don’t know if him or his company is picking his work but they need to be more aware now ,I agree with jae hyun aswell lmfao ,

      • Great actor? NOPE. he’s limited and just good. his own country does not even consider him one of the best.

    • Jung Il Woo is a great actor… better than some of his peers that are more famous. He has a decent body of work that proves he has the acting chops: 49 days, Flower boy ramen shop, Return of Iljimae. Yes, he’s had a couple of drama flops recently, but it’s not because of his acting.

  3. I swear Jung Il Woo must have a talent for choosing bad dramas, I wonder how he does it lol. I do love him as an actor but all his recent dramas have been really bad choices that I can’t bring myself to finish any of them. I think the last of his shows that I completely watched was flower boy ramyun shop and 49 days. Really wish that he can choose his dramas more wisely…

  4. Enough with the high school harem BS please… yet another show I will not be watching. As for the female lead, I bet it’s Seolhyun.

  5. I LOVE Jung Il-Woo! He is not only eye candy, but a very capable actor. I am glad he is going to be in a quality production. I hope they cast a decent leading lady (unlike KTH in Yongpal)

  6. What’s up with this sudden appearance of high school shoujo BS? Between this and MBC’s “Mermaid Prince”… I sure hope KBS steps up in 2016.

  7. Two good news on this, Jung Il Woo and Pre-produced drama. Srsly, they should all opt for pre-produced dramas, the script will take its time evolving, the storyline won’t be influenced by makjang lovers netizens, actors/crew will take time doing a great job and safely.
    Hope this drama is good -althought it doesn’t seem so- for Il Woo’s sake!

  8. As much as I love Jung Il woo, I’ll be the first to admit that his acting range is limited, so I do hope he brings something more to the table. I feel like I’ve watched his repetoire of tricks in his last few dramas. Here’s hoping he goes for the non traditional role of bodyguard. He’s much too old to play bored, rich, chaebol high school son unless he’s imitating his best friend, Lee Min ho. I’d like to see him in something resembling his angel role in 49 days. He wasn’t the main lead but he added a lot of spice to the show.

    • bc unlike other countries the teenage dramas are aired at the same channels and time slots as the adult drama – therefore taking an adult drama time and airing a teenage one – in most countries the dramas for teenagers have different channels or time slots

  9. The drama sounds like a piece of cr*p. It’s one of those dramas you’d think would struggle to get actors attached to it with the script. And yet…

  10. you must read this novel first it’s very good! and they must search very beautiful girl to play Ah Rim & Ha Won ._.) because in my imagination they looked so beautiful and it will be a long drama (ihope) cause the novel have 2 books and the conflict is complicated , i really hope they can do the drama same as the novel ~~

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