Stars and More Stars Descend on China’s Fun and Fab iQiyi 2016 Award’s Show

Now this is how I call throwing a fun awards show shindig. One of China’s top streaming sites iQiyi hosted the 2016 All-star Carnival this past weekend and it appeared all the It Stars showed up, and then some. There were so many scene stealing reunions on stage one doesn’t even know where to look – is it Hu Ge and Wallace Huo parading their bromance around, the cast of Nirvana on Fire reenacting famous scenes like¬†young puppy Wu Lei putting a fur trimmed cloak around Hu Ge, the star-crossed lovers of Journey of Flower that is Wallace and Zhao Li Ying, anticipated future OTP of Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang from their upcoming highly anticipate C-drama One Smile is Very Alluring, the box office crushing movie couple of Vivian Sung and Darren Wang from the summer hit Our Times, the presence of lots of big name SM Entertainment stars like Yoona, Zhou Mi, and the girls from f(x), and many more. Check out the pics from the red carpet and stage, it appears the attendees had as much fun showing up as the audience had watching them perform sweet fan service.

Wu Lei

Nicky Wu

Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran

Darren Wang and Vivian Sung

Some girl group

Zheng Kai



Yoona and Leeteuk

Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

Chang Chen and Bai Bai He

Hu Ge and Wallace Huo

William Chan

Chen Kun

Song Jia

Zhao Li Ying

Hu Ge and Jin Dong

Yang Mi

Wallace Huo and Zhao Li Ying


Stars and More Stars Descend on China’s Fun and Fab iQiyi 2016 Award’s Show — 12 Comments

  1. I laughed at the post “some girl group”, poor girls. I noticed that their costume is very similar to AKB48 so I googled it. It turns out their the Chinese version of the said group called, SNH48 (Shanghai 48)

  2. Zhao Li Ying :3

    I love how originally seating went
    Hu Ge – Wallace Huo – William Chan – Zhao Li Ying

    but then it turned into
    Hu Ge – Wallace Huo – Zhao Li Ying – William Chan


  3. My favorite is definitely the bromance between Hu Ge and Wallace!! I still pic does not do any justice!! Watch the online video clip!

  4. Hu Ge and Wallace Huo’s bromance was the best part! The hosts poking fun at them and the two just being adorable together was great to watch!

  5. I read that Victoria walked the red carpet twice – one time as an chinese actress Song Qian, second time as a member of a korean girl group. Is that true, koala? Also I read that she didn’t even sit with f(x) during the ceremony but with chinese actors…

  6. I personally love the bromance between Hu Ge and Wallace Huo. But on a more serious note, I hope they both find their other half and live happily ever after.

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