Park Shin Hye is Ravishing in Bold Color for New Bruno Magli Accessories Winter 2015 Ad Campaign

It could be viewed as another day, another Park Shin Hye ad campaign, and she certainly has no shortage of those at this height of popularity. But I so love one particular picture in the collection it’s worth the usual same old gut check reaction come across something captivating. The top picture is from the recently released Bruno Magli winter 2015 accessories campaign featuring long time spokesmodel Park Shin Hye.

I usually find Bruno Magli bags overly expensive for such bland design, but the red purse with blue and white floral accents is fun and memorable, made even more eye catching in the gorgeous snap of Park Shin Hye in a matching red long sleeved dress and same color booties. It skirts the line of being too matchy matchy, but works in the context of a design pictorial, and the random flowers strewn on the ground, the pitch black backdrop, and the petals in the wind help soften and give dimension to the image. Love it!



Park Shin Hye is Ravishing in Bold Color for New Bruno Magli Accessories Winter 2015 Ad Campaign — 11 Comments

  1. pretty! well bruno magli’s types of style i feel are aimed for professional looking types anyways. I think PSH did great expressing it in the photoshoots. I would say Bruno Magli’s type of style is similar to Kate Spade or Rebecca Minkoff– aimed for professional usage and style.

    Aside from that, I love the goodies PSH shows in these photoshoots~ Hope to see more coming out from her

  2. Lovely, sweet, and sexy Shin Hye . So love these new look. Looking forward to her graduation and new project. Fighting Shin Hye. You the queen.

  3. Shin Hye graduation is next year, she can concentrate on her work after that.Hope to see her more on new projects/drama and CFs.

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