Marry Me or Not Ups the Stakes with a Perfect Date and Interrupted Makeout Session

God I love this drama so much, so *bleeping* much. The pace is slowing down in Marry Me or Not, but the narrative is deepening because of it as the characters try to figure out what they are really feeling about each other. Episode 6 was yet another phenomenal outing, funny and tense and romantic all wrapped into one. I’m glad Justin isn’t playing along with Sheng Nan’s requests, and I feel for Sheng Nan since her attempts to get Huan Huan jealous only serve to show Huan Huan that she’s feeling genuine stirrings of the heart for Justin.

I also pity poor Sheng Nan, such a spitfire until she meets her first love the return of Jiang Qian Yao, who for all intents and purposes is a grade A douchebag in my eyes (for now). I love how Huan Huan blew Qian Yao off the moment she lays eyes on him, confirming that what happened in college was not what Sheng Nan thought. As much as Qian Yao is nasty to me, is how perfect and wonderful Justin is, and how much it’s killing me that he and Huan Huan can’t just vault over all the issues and make babies tomorrow. I don’t want to see either hurt, and from the new preview for episode 7 it looks like a hilariously interrupted makeout session (Sheng Nan, do you have to eat chips in your brother’s condo, girl?) leaves both with fresh wounds.

Preview for episode 7:


Marry Me or Not Ups the Stakes with a Perfect Date and Interrupted Makeout Session — 12 Comments

  1. Love love love this show, more than any other drama across countries.I’ve watched this episode already countless times. That ending, and every one of Justin’s pained expressions. Ughv the heart can’t take. And go Huan huan for being so frank and open, and even watching her own viral video for strength instead of being embarrassed. Is it possible to translatete the preview? Would be so grateful for it!

    • Preview for ep 7 translaite:

      Sheng Nan said, “I thought you told me a few days ago that you won’t fall in love with her?”

      Cai Huan Zhen: “A woman, who wreck a previous good friend’s wedding for the sake of revenge; and one who told me the previous second that he like me and the next second continue being together with his ex-gf, a two timer, you both are a real match in heaven.”

      credit: Forum soompi

      • Ahhh so she doesn’t find out their brother and sister just yet. This entanglement is going to be really messy. Can’t wait! Thank you for the translation!

      • Based on the trailer from Marry Me or Not’s official Facebook episode 7 teaser upload, Justin is going to confess to Huan Huan about his relationship with Sheng Nan being siblings

      • Though it would be great that the sibling relationship is out, it would be harder for Viviene to continue dating Justin since her frenemy and ex boyfriend are relatives of his. That is,reality speaking but you know, love surpasses all.

  2. I really enjoy this drama and adore the OTP. Im glad in the preview for ep 7 the secret of Justin being Sheng Nan’s brother is out.

  3. Translation of preview:

    “Justin: I don’t just like you… I’m starting to fall in love with you.

    Sheng Nan: Didn’t you tell me just the day before that you woudn’t fall in love with her?

    Huan Huan: A woman who would ruin her former good friend’s wedding out of revenge… and a guy who says he likes you one second and cheats on you the next… both of you truly belong with each other!”

  4. Wow looks like some serious drama is going down in the next episode. Maybe it’s about time I start this drama cause it’s been on my to watch list for a while.

  5. I mean, he gave her a key. So either he completely failed to give his sis a head’s up, or she completely ignored him. I’m planning to blame sis until I get a chance to see this.

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