Rain Holds Energetic Comeback Concert in Seoul

Leave it to one of the original Korean solo superstars to stage a comeback concert in Seoul and make me wish I was there. Rain‘s concert this weekend was reportedly energetic and every bit Rain’s give-it-his-all ethos stamped over it. The fact that he looked both cheesy and adorable just makes it that much more Rain, and he looked like he was having so much fun I’m hoping his super famous girlfriend Kim Tae Hee was in the audience to watch the show go down and support her man. His white and silver space suit getup is both appropriate for a concert performance in that showy way, but nevertheless looks hilariously silly in stills. Of course, no Rain concert can end without a shirtless Rain in the rain, and that happened as well, so all’s right with the K-pop world once again.


Rain Holds Energetic Comeback Concert in Seoul — 2 Comments

  1. Trying to remember the last time i opened a post or an article about Rain that didn’t mention kim tae hee in it!! Jeez enough…yeah we know they are dating!!

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