Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Head to Japan to Promote Marry Me or Not

I think TW-drama Marry Me or Not is one of the best shows I’ve watched all year, from any country. It’s nice to see the drama getting traction both domestically and overseas, and now the show is getting air time in Japan as the two leads jetted over there for a press conference plus fan meeting. Roy Qiu and Alice Ke went to Japan last week to promote the drama, and I seriously can’t get enough of their synergy working together. Last time during the Office Girls era is was more chaste and cute, now it’s flirty and sweet.

Alice looked particularly lovely wearing a Japanese kimono inspired modernized dress with obi, while Roy went old school with his take on the professorial three piece suit with bow tie. I’ve never been this happy with a reunion pairing, both for how much I loved the original coupling and for how much this new go-around is doing them justice. I can’t wait for the action in the drama to turn angsty, I have a feeling the writing will understand just how much separation is needed for the leads to push past the misunderstandings and reservations.


Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Head to Japan to Promote Marry Me or Not — 4 Comments

  1. Y’know, with all the relationship troubles I hear about Roy, I’m kinda glad him and Alice never dated for real after Office Girls. Now we can have this gem of a show with them w/o any awkwardness. 😀

  2. These 2 are seriously exploding the screen together!! Their chemistry is off the chart!!
    I started reading your blog years ago when you recommended Office Girl to us, and now we get Marry Me or Not.
    Thanks for the excellent recommendation!

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