Hyun Bin, Won Bin, and Kim Woo Bin Reportedly in Talks for K-movie

Casting rumor say whut? I swear this is not some one off rumor and is instead being reported by various media outlets, so it’s probably levels above fan service but still way too impossible to pull off for me to think it’ll end up happening, even if it’s really being discussed. The world might be getting three Bins for the price of one movie ticket! Won Bin, Hyun Bin, and Kim Woo Bin are reportedly being courted and in discussions with an upcoming Korean period movie called Male Schemes. It’s a movie set during the Japanese occupation and the three men play resistance fighters sent on a mission to use their good looks to advance their cause and liberate Korea from the colonists. So basically the male version of the Chinese phrase Schemes of a Beauty.

The movie is currently slated for a late 2016 release and will be finalizing the leads early next year. All three Bins are way more active in movies than dramas, and only in a movie could they were be in the same project since each is a drama leading man level in his own right. My head is spinning from the possibility of Hyun Bin and Won Bin in the same movie alone, throw in Kim Woo Bin and it’s basically fursploded from just the mere thought of the collective intensity and hotness. If this casting happens then it will be the coup of all casting coups.


Hyun Bin, Won Bin, and Kim Woo Bin Reportedly in Talks for K-movie — 22 Comments

  1. The casting itself is (probably) good news, but “… to use their good looks to scheme for their cause and liberate Korea from the colonists” sounds stupid for a premise.

  2. I don’t care about the movie itself, I only care about watching this three GODS acting together, oh my! if they confirm it, it would be the best Christmas present hahahaha

  3. Koala this was a joke article written by 10Asia, it was titled something along the line of Our Dream Cast for New Year’s Wish, there were bunch of others too, all ludicrous like Yoo Ah In starring in Kingsman 2 with Colin Firth and So Ji Sub getting on Billboard Top 10.

  4. The Binnies….all in one movie….I’ll be in my bunk. 😉
    A woman could get pregnant just watching something so stunningly HOT! I don’t think in the history of film three such great acting uber-hotties have ever appeared together. Drooooooool.

  5. Do you believe that Won Bin is such a kind of actor who wants to have a movie with other actor like this? He’s typical who wants to be the main focus in a movie. It’s already said by a commenter here that this article is a joke, and it’s true. Still, people believe it?
    Koala, your information is inaccurate sometimes -_-

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