Marry Me or Not Gets Serious and a Little More Dramatic in Episode 8 with Danger and Forced Kissing Afoot

Marry Me or Not continues to be marvelous, even at the pace of turning serious and even a little bit makjang. That’s not a bad thing, makjang gets associated with negative connotations but the original intent is merely to drop some dramatic associations to heighten the tension, but has since been hijacked to ever greater heights of absurd in K-dramas. Huan Huan and Justin, at least they clearly know they’ve gotten under each other’s skin, but it’s pride and confusion that’s keeping them from a breakthrough, but it feels so believable thanks to fantastic writing that’s given them consistency in personality. I believe why Justin, the divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in ever after love, would have a hard time taking greater strides with the first girl to affect him this strongly. Same with Huan Huan, she’s battling the twin fears that Justin still has ulterior motives and her own bruised heart for being lied to. I love these two to pieces, so as long as Justin is following his girl and decking bad boys who force kiss her before dragging her away then it’s all good with me.

Previews for episode 9:


Marry Me or Not Gets Serious and a Little More Dramatic in Episode 8 with Danger and Forced Kissing Afoot — 7 Comments

  1. cant wait for ep 9.. at first, i didnt really like this female lead.. but now im curious about their relationship and the 2nd female lead too… she was so nice holding her frienemy when that man wanted to harm her… the more i watch, the more i find that this drama is so nice… thanks for updating 🙂

  2. My favourite moment was when justin punched the guy and then gave him his business card if he wants to sue…it was so funny but hot at the same time LOL Its also hilarious how he keeps getting played by both ladies – his sister and huan huan. As he and huan huan are falling deeper in love its getting harder to keep their feelings from turning sincere which is what is making this show so good!

  3. I like this drama A LOT. I find all the relationships very interesting: Justin&Sheng Nang’s parents are like my parents hahahaha, Sheng Nang and Hua Hua are enemies but I would like to know what happened in the past with Quian Yue… Because he and Hua Hua didn’t date, she only wanted to show Sheng Nang how he really was, but I think he was in love with Sheng Nang! I’m totally hooked, waiting endless weeks, only to watch one episode on Sundays.

    • I dislike the new guy going after Huan Huan just to use her, fake his interest because of the older brother. Its clear he has feelings for Sheng Nang and doesnt want his jealous brother to go after the woman he really likes. He has no place to think he can get in the way between Justin, HH. I dont like the preview her using him to make Justin jealous.

      I hope to see more honest feeling between this awesome OTP in the next few eps. Forget the pride of hers and Justin being confused because of the misunderstandings, the lame sister.

      • I’m totally agree with you and I’m think Qian Yue simple douchebag.

        Which he has the right to use Huan Huan in the stupid games with his brother?

  4. More exciting in each episodes. I totally love this drama. Especially the copule Roy Chiu and Alice Ke. Justin is very funny. but when it’s about the feeling of love toward Huan Zhen, he could not control his feelings. Can’t wait to watch next episode.

  5. I felt the makjang until the scene when Justin hugged Huan Huan and said he was worried that she would be taken away from him…then just walked away…it was gripping to see both characters trapped by their insecurities unable to truly take that leap towards love…

    I’m starting to see themes in Pride and Prejudice in this drama which makes it all more engaging to watch.

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