Jung Kyung Ho is a Charming Winter Wear Model for Sure Magazine January 2016 Edition

It’s clearly countdown time to upcoming MBC drama One More Happy Ending because I’m starting to see the stars of the drama doing new pictorials. First up is male lead Jung Kyung Ho in Sure Magazine modeling male winter wear with the turtlenecks and wool outerwear. He’s ever so easy on the eyes, not because he’s naturally all that good looking, but because he grows on the audience with the combination of effortless charisma onscreen and a schlebby self-aware personality. Of all the male stars to date idol girls, his relationship with SNSD‘s Sooyoung always seemed the most likely to go all the way, and currently they are still dating if news updates are to be believed. I’m glad there are leading men like Jung Kyung Ho around in the growing homogenization of actor types, he remains a refreshing outlier who always delivers in any role.


Jung Kyung Ho is a Charming Winter Wear Model for Sure Magazine January 2016 Edition — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t know why but actors do become the characters they act or maybe only in our heads.. I can’t see different on this guy without remembering ”Gangster high” cuz I loved that movie and he acted his part wonderfully. it has some laid back nostalgia maybe because I lived myself to deep into the characters lives

  2. Yeap, out of all SNSD’s relationship, I has always been so sure that the two would last that long. I dont know but they just seem more serious. Plus, they already met each other’s parents and despite their busy schedules, they still find time to date. They are in loooooove, haha.

    Anyway, he is a wonderful actor and this is what should matter. I hope that the drama will allow him to hit it big :D. I dont understand why he isnt more popular !

  3. I really can’t forget his performance in “Heartless City”. He was just insanely brilliant and charismatic.

    I keep hoping he’ll play a serious role again since he’s so good at it.

  4. this oppa is one of my fave!!! i rarely love K-actors, but he’s definitely one of a few 😀 and im super glad that he’s dating SNSD’s Sooyoung.. both are suitable <3

    i love him in all of his dramas, but his 'endless love' was just meh. i love him, but the storyline was so makjang. but thank God, he cameback with falling for innocence which is still my fave. and now.. cant wait for his newest series with 'vampire' jang nara and yoo in na. yoohoo.. ^^

  5. I’m so happy to see him back on screen and I’m also glad that his private life remains private and he seems to be very happy. 😀 That’s all I need AND a drama with MCW in the future. 😛

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