Liu Shi Shi as The Imperial Doctress in New Drama Stills for the Ming Dynasty Period Romance

I must say C-actress Liu Shi Shi may be cornering the market on romancing royal brothers, which if history and fictional dramatic style has shown in the past almost always don’t end well. She’s gotten her own happy romantic ending in real life, now married her to Bu Bu Jing Xin leading man Nicky Wu, but her star-crossed romance in that drama was certainly as traumatic to watch as it must’ve been for her to act out. In the upcoming period C-drama The Imperial Doctress, she once again gets romantically entangled between two royal princes, this time in the Ming dynasty rather than in the Qing dynasty with BBJX.

The drama is a fictionalized telling of the life and love of real life female Ming dynasty court doctor Tan Yuan Xian, and has her involved with the 6th Ming Emperor Zhu Qi Zhen, played by Wallace Huo, and the 7th Ming Emperor Zhu Qi Yu, played by Huang Xuan. The drama was done filming last year and is finally going to air next month in mid-February, looking decent enough in the stills albeit being a Tangren production I’m lowering my expectations for the historical grittiness and expecting a more flowery emphasis on the love triangle.


Liu Shi Shi as The Imperial Doctress in New Drama Stills for the Ming Dynasty Period Romance — 9 Comments

  1. Oh yeah! I have been following the news for this drama and the stills have been sooo pretty. The costuming, the sets, the people… Sigh. The plot seems pretty interesting too. It’s great to see a drama dealing with strong feminine personalities in historical times.

  2. Mmmmm, Wallace be looking good, yo. But then, when is he not? I really can’t take it when he’s second lead, though, so I don’t think I can watch this one, sadly.

  3. Wallace can’t possibly lose the girl, can he? I hope not because I’m not touching this until it’s fully aired and I’ve confirmed a happy ending for his character. It does look awesome tho, so fingers crossed!!

    • This isn’t really a spoiler since Liu Shi Shi herself announced this, but Wallace’s character harbours an unrequited love to Tan Yunxian – her one true love is Zhu Qiyu.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this one to air. But after watching the trailer, I feel that the ending is gonna suck like some of C period dramas where the hero doesn’t get his girl.

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