MBC Preps Filming for Revenge Drama Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook

It’s easy to see why fame is fleeting in an out of sight out of mind way because I’ve done forgot about upcoming MBC drama Goodbye Mr. Black. Once it was in the news all the time for casting updates, then later for which network was airing it back-and-forth, but once it was set on MBC and then got pushed back a bit, it was like a deflating balloon that fizzled in momentum. I’m sure the whole thing will rev up momentum again when it actually starts filming, which is will soon this month for a March 2016 premiere date.

The drama will either follow One More Happy Ending on Wed-Thurs or Glamorous Temptation on Mon-Tues, both dramas end in March so that gives MBC choice on where to slot it. It’s a revenge drama based on a manhwa loosely based on The Count of Monte Christo, and if it has high production values chances are MBC will give it the more splashy Wed-Thurs time slot. Female lead Moon Chae Won already cut her hair into a super shot pixie for this role, here’s hoping the script and directing is worth her comeback effort.

Goodbye Mr. Black will star leads Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook, with Kim Kang Woo playing the antagonist, Daniel Henney as a daddy long legs type to the female lead, Song Jae Rim as a justice seeking newspaper editor, and latest addition perennial second female lead Yoo In Young. The drama is being directed by PD Lee Chang Min, who is currently directing Remember over on SBS, and also directed Midas and Giant. Adapting the screenplay from the original 80’s manhwa is writer Moon Hee Jung who wrote Missing You, Can You Hear My Heart, Smile You, Last Scandal of My Life, and Tree of Heaven.


MBC Preps Filming for Revenge Drama Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook — 18 Comments

  1. I’m glad they got a network channel, but it seems they’ll too many revenge dramas around that time with Tyrant/Monster and this, both from MBC.

    I adore MCW, and LJW is amazingly great and amazingly hot, I can see chemistry sparkling *0* and the timing is perfect! Right when I’ll be done with Cheese <3

  2. One of my favorite actress is gonna pair with one of the actors on my No-No list…..What should I say? Should I expect anything or not? But hottie Song Jae Rim may be calling me to follow the drama. LOL

    • Can I ask why LJW is on your “no-no list”? He’s one of my faves, so I’m curious what put him on that list for you?

      • I want to know why too lol. I’ve been seeing 50/50 comments on him starring with Moon Chae Won. I like him though and he’s a good actor plus a handsome one to add, I just want to know ^^

      • Lee Jin Wook’s acting is watchable but I find his pronouciations and expressions are a bit flat. I saw him from Myung Wol The Spy, I Need Romance 2, Three Musketeer and The Time We Were Not In Love. I’m happy if I’m wrong in this upcoming drama tho.

        I think Good Bye Mr. Black has strong lady casts but lack of guys’s solid acting. Song Jae Rim, Lee Jin Wook and Daniel Henney are of course handsome. But nothing special on their acting yet. just my opinion.

      • Oh then you should watch Nine. Lee Jin Wook’s acting has improved a lot. I didn’t like him either but I changed my mind after watching Nine.

  3. ‘loosely based on The Count of Monte Christo’ then why not have a Nirvana in Fire remake. Kdrama needs a kick ass Joseon Nihuang-social rules be damned.

  4. The official info about Goodbye Mr Black: it will be on Wednesday/Thursday slot, it will start on 16 March 2016 with 20 eps. The director is Han Hee, who is the producer of Sweet Savage Family actually and producer of Kill me heal me, She was pretty… He was the director of the drama Empress Ki, Over the rainbow, etc…

  5. they could have put this entire cast into BBJX and I’d be dang happy: MCW as Ruoxi, LJW as 4th, KKW as 8th, DH as 13th, SJR as 10/14, YIY as Ruolan.

    • No i’m not interested with bu bu jing xin remake, goodbye mr black have interesting synopsis n cast, the rest depend on the execution, this is the only upcoming drama that i’ve been waiting for

  6. I like both leads. Moon Jae Won was fantastic in The Princess Man, and Lee Jin Wook acted well in Nine and The Three Musketeers.

    Hope the story will be interesting as the cast looks good.

  7. I was so excited for this drama from the 1st time I read about it (I love LJW and MCW and the rest of the cast) and I’m glad that it got the chance to see the light, that would be really enjoyable for me 😀

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