Moon Chae Won All Smiles Even After the Disappointing MBC Drama Goodbye Mr. Black

Having a drama fail to engage me despite starring an actor or actress I really like is becoming so routine now, and I cut my losses quick nowadays rather than slog on. It also means I fail to see how the performances are fleshed out as the drama progresses, only getting an initial glimpse before the story line or poor directing, and sometimes even in failed dramas the acting can still be worthwhile. MBC failed to hook audiences with it’s 2016 spring prime time Wed-Thur drama Goodbye Mr. Black, though it’s making up for it now with the summer drama hit W: Two Worlds, and I was part of the majority vastly underwhelmed and unimpressed with the recycled revenge saga. I also missed out on darling Moon Chae Won‘s charming acting style and wonder how she performed in the drama. All I know is that she rocked the tomboy hairstyle which is impressive enough already. Any Moon Chae Won fans stick it through the entire drama and want to share thoughts on her performance? Continue reading

Descendants of the Sun Special Episode Dominates Wed Ratings with 17.7% and Entertainer Premieres with 6.1%

I thought the Descendants of the Sun ratings gravy train was over for KBS but apparently not. The production team and network wisely elected not to extend DotS, not that it was realistically even possible anyways since it was fully pre-produced, … Continue reading

Final Episode of Descendants of the Sun Brings in 38.8% Ratings Ending with a Successful Flourish

So long to two of the three currently airing Wed-Thurs K-dramas, and especially to the massive Pan-Asia hit Descendants of the Sun for bringing back eight weeks of what felt like the heydays of the ratings past. DotS made drama … Continue reading

Descendants of the Sun Records Highest Ratings in Yoo Ah In Cameo’d Episode 13 as Please Come Back Ahjusshi Drops Even Further

The battle has turned into a zero sum game as it heads into the final stretch, with the winner continuing to win and the losers still getting bruised. Episode 13 of Descendants of the Sun brought in a 33.5% AGB … Continue reading

MBC Plays Up Male Lead Bromance and Rivalry in New Stills for Monster and Goodbye Mr. Black

MBC is going to face tough competition when it premieres two new prime time dramas in the coming weeks. First is Goodbye Mr. Black on Wed-Thurs, going up against runaway hit Descendants of the Sun and lowly rated but getting good … Continue reading

Main Leads of Goodbye Mr. Black Continue Rocking their Character Visuals in New Stills and Preview

That all the promotional materials for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Goodbye Mr. Black look genuinely promising, the official stills moreso than then first trailers for me, bodes well for this latecomer to the competitive time slot. Descendants of the Sun … Continue reading