Jang Geun Seok Confirms He Picked a 2016 K-drama as His Next Project

I’m seeing a more grounded and centered Jang Geun Seok in this return to K-ent, as both a singer in being the MC for idol competition show Produce 101 and as an actor who will soon be back on television in a K-drama. In a radio interview last week, Jang Geun Seok confirmed that he’s already selected his acting project and it will be a K-drama. He didn’t say anything more about the K-drama in question so many are cast already there are only a few still in casting stage, such as the God of Noodles drama or Moonlight Drawn by Stars or Rail in the Underground, among a handful out there. I hope he doesn’t pick a manhwa or webtoon adaptation and break out of the pretty boy trendy image, instead he should do a serious drama and win finicky domestic audiences back with a solid performance in a good story. He’s continues to look happier and healthier in these media stills, and I’m getting a good feeling that 2016 might turn out to be a great year for this talented young man.


Jang Geun Seok Confirms He Picked a 2016 K-drama as His Next Project — 34 Comments

  1. I wish he would change his hairstyle, and grow out of his pretty boy image already! Show us the acting prowess he showed in Beethoven’s Virus and Iljaemae….

  2. I really like him he is very talented!! I agree with Koala I believe he needs to pick a drama character that really shows his potential and I would love to see him with Park Shin Hye again.

    • Not that they are not great together BUT for their growth as actor/actress they do need to work with others and explore new challenging projects……different from what they have already done. Else that’s a death knoll for an artist to become stagnant.

    • Well!!! He’s not asking for your support 🙂 his fans are enough to take his journey forward with dignity 🙂 btw if you have no interest in this man.. plz avoid his articles 😀

    • Do you think so? I see him as being a confident man who likes to joke and tease with his fans. I must say, he has every reason to be “into himself”, but instead he’s a generous and compassionate person who has a deep affection for and loyalty to his family, country, and fans.

  3. I hope his character in the drama will make him change his hairstyle. He’s looking more like an ageing rocker than anything else. The hairstyle and eyeliner are way past their expiry date.

    • He actually would prefer short hair, but his Japanese advisors requested that he let his hair grow long again because Japanese eels didn’t recognize him as quickly with short hair.

      • They will get used to it and maybe will like him even more than before…. 🙂
        I would like to see him with short hair….like in Beethoven virus.

  4. I’m waiting for his drama and hope he choose a drama that show his real talent. I heard he further his study, got his master (continue to get his Phd too) and become a sharing professor during his ‘break’ because of the unnecessary ‘scandal’. Good for you Jang Geun Seok.

  5. Talking about maturing drama abilities, this makes me wonder whether JGS and MGY are ready for the emotional depth required of a drama like “I Have a Lover”. ‘ Said drama stars the older Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Jin Hee who have acted together about 10 years ago.

  6. For those who harped on his long hair, do read the latest interview to TRULY understand why he keeps his hair. hen the time comes, he will do accordingly.
    BTW, majority of his eels love his long hair.

    • For a brief moment, you had me there. I thought he’s the modern day Samson. So, the reason is he has been waiting for a role? Wow! All the while, he kept his hair long so that when the drama comes a calling, he can suit any style? I laud him for his dedication. Just makes me wonder why don’t the other actors keep their hair long in between dramas?

  7. Glad to hear that he confirmed a new k-drama. Like everyone said i too hope he will do a seroius character. He had enough pretty boy image. Please oppa…please do a character like ‘gun woo'(beethoven virus ). Fighting!

  8. He’s been maturing a lot… it hasn’t been an easy road for him, if you guys can spend a bit of more time to read thoroughly his interviews (available in English at Yonhap website), you’ll understand more – and hopefully be less ‘judgmental’ towards this man and his past choices of work. About his hair, he’ll cut based on the character he chooses. While waiting for the filming, he won’t bother having a specific hairstyle yet. This reminds me a bit of Kimura Takuya, who also lets his hair grow while not having a drama project. I dunno, for a 30+ year old fan like me, I don’t care about hairstyle or ‘manly vs girly’ style at all lol… he can act in a work he gladly chooses regardless of the ‘rating nightmare’, that is what matters most to me.

    • You might want to try to watch his earlier acting projects, then :). In some of his movies such as ‘the Happy Life’, ‘Crazy Waiting’ and ‘the Case of Itaewon Homicide’, he sported the look you might like. Beethoven Virus is indeed a good piece of work and he has more manly style than boyish there ;).

  9. I’m JKS eels since 2010.. in fact, my first drama of him is 2005 Lovers of Prague when he was only a teen, then 2006 Huang Jin Yi, 2008 Beethoven Virus and Hong Gil Dong.. that time, I’m only watch drama and don’t follow the actors and I don’t even bother to know the name of the actor/actress.. but somehow, this young actor impressed me with his acting since 2005 as teen as I find his acting so natural, unlike the usual acting I have seen (still I didn’t bother to find out the name).. then came along 2009 YAB… I was so impressed by the acting of the lead actor again.. he expresses himself in different facial expression like a manga character so well.. as though I’m watching a life like manga…and more surprise me is his voice (as I watched unsubbed version in Korean then), I can understand the whole drama and felt touched without understanding the language spoken.. this is how he can impressed me with his acting even in this manga like drama. (Later I know this is drama is the one that create such a craze across Asia back in 2009.. Japan has broadcasted the drama 3 times and China too!)
    Besides acting, he sings so well that his albums (both solo and TeamH) top the Oricon chart too in Japan (though he don’t launch Korean album in Korea).
    So as actor, singer, director, concert planner, script writer (I just found out he wrote more than 25 scripts), he also composes song, radio DJ, dance music DJ etc… and just last year, he got his master plus doctorate (PhD). Besides all his talent, he is also a kind and giving artiste.. this year he will setup JKS foundation for charity. He has been giving back to society since young.
    Here are some recent update of him through media for those who follows him

  10. koala extensive coverage about this ajumma looking dude is beyond me. he don’t even have a confirmed project to begin with but every week we have news about him in this site. please move on to other newsworthy subjects.

    • He HASN’T confirmed yet to the public/ media ;). He might have done it with the production company, though. Oh by the way, if you don’t like this ahjumma looking dude, just be kind to your self and skip reading his news so you won’t get overwhelmed lol. just like me, I only come for his news on Koala’s blog without bothering to comment on any other news about dudes or girls I don’t care about.
      Peace out, mate ;)!

  11. I’m not an eel but I’ve always liked this young man because he is versatile in everything he do. Acting, singing, dancing, you name it, he’s the best. I’m glad that he will have a drama soon.

  12. I loved him in HWang Jin Yi. Everything he has done since then has been a disappointment. I don’t care if he stays off DramaLand.

  13. we will never see this guy in a serious drama again. it going to be another school drama for his jfan. am sure of it. he drama going to flop in korean like his last 2.

    • Maybe you should check better, because he never did a “school” drama (only movie when he was very young he played as student). And for sure, he’s the only one who usually pic dramas if he’s interested in the story, without thinking if it will be success or not. If ypu are not interested, pleae, avoid to comment

  14. Ele é muito bom em tudo que faz alem de muito lindo por isso tem muita gente com inveja. Aguardo anciosa seu próximo trabalho,sei wue será maravilhoso.Ah seu cabelo é cabelo é lindo de qualquer jeito ?

  15. I loved his long hair! It made him stand out from everyone else. Not a lover of his short hair now..
    He seems a bit more reclusive now then when he was younger. He doesn’t seem as carefree…which is a bit sad..I hope he is happy and will find the perfect partner for himself, she will be one lucky lady..?

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