Ha Ji Won and Younger Brother Jeon Tae Soo’s Father Unexpectedly Passes Away

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but real life doesn’t always imitate fiction and sometimes even exceeds it in ways impossible to prepare for. 2016 was looking rosy for A-list Korean actress Ha Ji Won, but before she could even take the first steps into the new year with her entertainment career, her real life delivered a shocking and devastating blow when her father unexpectedly passed away. Most stars keep their personal lives completely private but Ha Ji Won and her actor younger brother Jeon Tae Soo are one of those acting sibling duos that gets the public’s interest up so two years ago the entire Jeon family posed for a pictorial in The Celebrity magazine. The pictorial naturally garnered widespread interest and positive feedback for such a beautiful family that exuded warmth and affection, so it’s truly sad moment to have to share the news that the Jeon family patriarch passed away in early January from a sudden heart attack. My condolences to Ha Ji  Won and her family and friends during this sad and difficult time.


Ha Ji Won and Younger Brother Jeon Tae Soo’s Father Unexpectedly Passes Away — 18 Comments

  1. Err… You’re not the bearer of bad news because various outlets had released the information over a week ago, stating that he died of a heart attack on January 2d.

    • Oh be quiet, not all her readers have access to asian news outlets. I had no clue about this and I bet many others didn’t.

      ANYWAY, my heart goes out to HJW’s family! They really looked like a genuinely close and loving family so I can’t even imagine how hard this has hit them. I’m thinking of his dear wife especially. He looked like a humble, warm man and may he RIP.

      Also RIP to David Bowie!!

      • Stop taking me the wrong way and insulting me, and go back under your rock. You obviously have no idea that prominent English-spoken websites (ever heard of Soompi for instance?) exist outside Asia.

      • And I’m still at square SO WHAT?

        Miss Koala is not a paid reporter that has to break the news as it happens. I’m confused, do you think you are on CNN or BBC world news? Did she make the disclaimer that she’ll break asian celeb news at a particular time somewhere?

        How about you go slither back under your rock and take a break from throwing around petty ass complaints and nitpicking at people’s words. Or try to think up more for other posts on the site, whatever helps you get through the day. Have fun with that sugar!

    • This is the first time I heard about the sad news. I don’t get the point why you sound a bit offensive just bcos she wrote about this in her blog one week he passed away.

  2. I hope the family finds strength in this hard time, losing a family member is very difficult. My condolences to Ha ji-won and her family

  3. I read Ha Ji Won and her brother unexpectedly passed away O. o
    Hope she and her family will be able to get through this tough time together. RIP.

  4. My condolences to Ha Ji-won, her family and friends. Very sad news so early into the year. They looked like such a warm, loving family in the pictorial.

  5. The loss of a family member or someone special is heartbreaking. Time may heal the wound but it will leave you a lifetime scar. My condolences to Ha Ji Won and her family.

  6. Condolences for the family…
    On another note, I really want to see Jeon Tae Soo back in Dramaland. I loved him in King’s Daughter Soo Baek-Hyang.

  7. Hello
    I express my deepest condolence for madam ha ji won dear father miss! Please send my deepest condolence to her and her respected family members!
    So sorry!
    I hope her remainder family members and especially madam ha ji won have prosperous and healthy long life!
    Your sincerely
    kaveh yousefzadeh

  8. Letter of condolence from me to my dearest madam ha ji won, Korea ever shining star!

    My dearest madam ha ji won how do you do? Although I know that you are passing sorrowfully days now! I express my deepest condolence for your dear father passing away! Please accept my deepest condolence! Please offer my sympathy to your remainder respected bereaved family members too! Please offer my sympathy to Korea art society too! Since one of so praiseworthy and nice and best popular and beloved superstars family members, here my dearest madam ha ji won nice father, was passed away suddenly, then please offer my condolence to all of Korean people too!
    So sorry!
    My dearest madam ha ji won! Please share me in your sorrow!
    Although your nice and dear dad suddenly loss is as a very wrenching for you, but I hope that this heartrending tragic experience be your final wrenching!
    My dearest madam ha ji won! You never are alone! Because you have a lot of fans in around of world that adore you as a goddess extremely! And I am one of them. I quite sympathize with you! I wish I could see you in Korea! I never forget your so amazingly shining in your different series especially the hawang ji yi series, that has been one of the best series that I have watched 4 or 5 times repeatedly ever since! It has been a real artistic masterpiece everlasting!
    My dearest madam ha ji won! Although it seems that you are passing a wrenching in your life, but I meekly request that you don’t be sorrowed any longer. Because all of us once will die physically. But our reminiscences will transfer generation to generation, if we can be as shining stars. Then! Let us leave so sweet reminisces from ourselves forever! My dearest madam ha ji won! Please have a strong will forever! Never be surrendered custom of time yourself!
    I hope that your remainder nice family members and especially you have increasingly prosperous and healthy long life!
    I hope that your dear father loss be your end sorrow! I wish you stayed happy forever!
    I wish I could see you and other my so favorite nice and lovely Korean superstars in Korea many times in my longevity! if my dearest madam park shin hye ,…cooperate me and adopt a method that I receive an invitation job letter from Korea, I will come Korea eagerly right away!
    I am sending you a hug and my love through this note.
    I wish you peace and healing during this time!

    I love you so much everlasting!
    You are my loadstar!
    Take care!
    Your sincerely
    kaveh yousefzadeh

  9. Hello!
    My dearest madam ha ji won!
    I express my deepest condolence for your other misfourtune.i haven’t known that your dear actor brother has passed away! Previously you missed your amiable dad.then you missed your dear actor brother! I have been so worried inwardly.
    Damn to this so detestable world coustom! I expect demonic disasters will be repeled from everyone, especially from you and your remainder family members (your dear mom and sisters),your compatriots,your fans and my remainder family members and fans,…everlasting!curse to this so hateful world terms!
    In any case, please accept my deepest condolence from far distance!
    As a matter of fact, I was noticed your dear brother untimely death news accidently (through internet).
    I hope this news be forged.but if it be true, I was shocked a lot inwardly. I can not transfer my sentiment to you.merely; I can express my deepest condolence for your misfourtun!
    I expect that you be so strong and vivacious everlasting!
    Anyway, all of us die physically once.only our memory will be registered on others memory everlasting!
    Again I damn these so unfairly and disastrous and detestable times and world custom!
    I wish our world change in a resurrection kind form as soon as possible.and our world be so paradiscial at once!
    I wish I could meet you in Korea frequently.in any case this news collapse me too.becuse your happiness and sorrow is my happiness and sorrow too! You are I and I am you!
    I expect you be so iron-will and strong forever! Any way, our world mood is so bad as before.previously my parents were martyred too.and I have experienced different kinds of entanglements and conspiracies hitherto.
    Even one of my brothers was disappeared in war times (because of our so satanic world order)! And so forth (in my different emails I have hinted them in nutshell)!
    In any case, I hope different demonic disasters and diseases will be repeled from all of us everlasting.and a so fairly and philanthropic world order will be substituted this so hellish and detestable and disastrous and unfairly and demonic world orders that are governed by hell emperators as before!
    I wish I could come Korea in my longevity a lot.and I meet you and my other so lovely superstars frequently.
    Again I expect that you share me in your sorrow!
    So sorry! But we can not demolish this world so hateful order at once!
    Let us be so vigilant and iron will hereafter! Let us never be surender! Let us don’t allow this hellish world order cause to yield us! Let us transform our world orders fundamental!
    Be so strong and vivacious and well informed forever!
    Although I am so far from you appaerently, but I will be inside you forever!
    You’re sincerely
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

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