Beatrice Fang and Yang Ming Wei Tie the Knot with SETTV Drama Stars Galore in Attendance

The star weddings coming out of Taiwan and China these past few years have been heading in the more and more extravagant direction, and that may all be thanks to megastar Jay Chou‘s English castle wedding to Hannah Quinlivan starting the one upping trend. Hannah’s bridesmaids at her luxe wedding included industry bestie actress Beatrice Fang, who may need to thank Hannah for the good luck rubbing off because it’s now her turn to get hitched. Beatrice married fellow actor Yang Ming Wei in a Taipei hotel ceremony and reception that is much more the norm, clearly costing a pretty penny but not wholly outlandish.

Attending was basically a who’s who of SETTV drama stars, which makes sense since both Beatrice and Yang Ming Wei regularly are supporting leads in SETTV dramas, and met doing the drama Fall in Love with You. Leads Aaron Yang and Tia Li were in attendance at the wedding, along with Joanne Tseng and Melvin Sia from Dear Mom, Lego Lee and Ivelyn Lee, Baron Chen, Xiu Jie Kai, and many more. I’m not a fan of the pepto bismol pink scheme but the newlyweds look glowing and happy and that’s all that counts. Congrats!


Beatrice Fang and Yang Ming Wei Tie the Knot with SETTV Drama Stars Galore in Attendance — 10 Comments

  1. How come in Asian celebrity weddings (Korean, Chineses, etc) the guests are always dressed so informally? It looks strange to me!

    But congratulations to the happy couple – all the best to them and I wish them a long, happy future.

    • wedding banquets are like that. At my cousin’s wedding in Taiwan, some people came in track suits!!! Bright blue and shiny. It wasn’t just casual, it was super casual, these people. If you wore a regular suit, you would be way over dressed.

      My other cousin is flying here with his fiancé next month from Taiwan for part 1 of their wedding and I wonder how formal or informal it will be.

  2. Congratz! Coincidentally i’ve just (re)watched FILWM yesterday ^^ though i admit i forwarded alot lol but still the leads are adorable. I wonder if Aaron and Tia are dating or them holding hands is just a casual thing between good friends?

    • “dating or…holding hands…a casual thing between good friends”. I don’t keep track of actors/actresses dating so when I saw that picture, I was wondering that as well. Anyone know?

    • There’s nothing official but there are some speculations from Taiwanese netizens. There were also rumours that Tia was dating Kai Ko, and before that there were also rumours that she was romantically involved with Roy Chiu. There was rumours about Aaron and Puff Guo too, they had like a full blown “Dispatch-esque” dating-in-the-car article coming out but they denied everything. It’s kinda messy in a way so I guess we’ll only find out when they tell us so in the mean time just ship what you wanna ship happily (:

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