Filming Starts on the C-movie Version of One Smile is Very Alluring with Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran

Filming has started on the C-movie adaptation of popular college age romance novel One Smile is Very Alluring (Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng). This is poised to be this year’s potential big like like You Are My Sunshine, and even earlier Shan Shan Come Eat. All three novels are by writer Gu Man, so linking them together makes sense since its the same fan base and the same general style. While Shan Shan Come Eat only had a C-version starring Zhao Li Ying and Hans Zhang, You are My Sunshine got a drama with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan followed by a movie with Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming. The former was watchable and addicting while the latter was a waste of time. One Smile is Very Alluring is also getting the same drama-movie double treatment, the drama is already done filming starring leads Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, while the movie just started rolling this week with Jin Bo Ran and Angelababy. I’m hard pressed to say which set of leads I like better, but I tend to think novel adaptations work better as a long form drama.


Filming Starts on the C-movie Version of One Smile is Very Alluring with Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran — 5 Comments

    • No idea about the movie. But it was said that the drama would be aired in China in June, 2016. That means it may be available to oversea download site much later.

  1. I watched C variety show “Divas hit the road” season 2 with three of the cast in the movie and drama adaptation. Based on my observation of Jin Bo Ran, Zheng Shuang, and Yang Yang in the raw (uncut) version of the variety show, I think Yang Yang has that aura to fit Xia Nai better. He looks young but also very manly in the variety show. He hasn’t been given male lead in any popular drama in the past except for Tornado Girl. But so far he’s done pretty good interpretations of the characters in the adaptations including Roubai in Tornado Girl and Zhang Kylin in the Lost Tomb. Zheng Shuang’s personality resembles Wei Wei of One Smile in some way. Besides, according to Gu Man, she was personally picked by the writer to be the female lead. But people are also critical of her stiff acting. As to Jin Bo Ran, he’s so warm and gentle in Divas Hit the Road that I’m not sure if he’s able to make Xia Nai alive in the movie. There’s a disconnection between Jin Bo Ran in the variety show and the hero in One Smile….No comment about Angelababy although her looks do match the description in the novel.

    Off topic again. I highly recommend the variety show Divas Hit the Road. I was surprised to find the film crew so amazing to deliver such a great production. This show is perhaps the most fun program other than dramas to watch among all the Asian variety shows that I have watched. The show actually piques my interest to go on a vacation in England.

    • About your last comment; hope discrimination against Asians in England (outside of London) has gotten less severe. I used to enjoy reading novels by English author until I spent a summer in the Cotswolds, England. Every time I visited a shop or sat in a library without a Caucasian in tow, the locals kept staring at me for a long time, or take a few steps back just to take a longer look at me at a grocery aisle. Three local 10 year old boys even said obscenities to me when I was sitting under a tree reading a book. After that summer, I could understand how actors like Lawrence Ng, Leslie Cheung had discrimination issues there. I never had that kind of trouble in other Western countries.

      • Aw that sounds very unpleasant. I’m only drawn by the beautiful scenery of British countryside. I was told that the British tend to be colder than Americans. Here in most parts of the US, ethnicity is very diverse and foreigners are everywhere in the metropolis. It’s hard to imagine the scenarios when you’re examined by strangers’ eyes while on vacation. But thanks for sharing the experience. So is London better? But I actually like to visit Cambridge.

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