TW-drama Star Reunions with Kirsten Jen, Lego Lee, and Kingone Wang

A new year doesn’t mean only doing new things, there’s still plenty of reason to take a break for a nostalgic reunion. At the recent SETTV banquet awards, a few of my fave and fond Taiwan drama pairings made time to take pictures together to commemorate the happy encounter. There’s Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen, the popular leads of In a Good Way, basically my all-time favorite Taiwan drama still, and one of those onscreen pairings that worked equally well from the character connection and the acting chemistry.

Lego hasn’t had a better leading lady since Kirsten, but she went on to find just as solid chemistry with her next leading man in Kingone Wang when they did Someone Like You. The two also reunited at the event, making it a double treat for me since I love Kirsten with both Lego and Kingone, and I don’t mean in a risque threesome way. Digging further back, Lego took pictures with Bromance leads Megan Lai and Baron Chen and pointed out that it’s been six years since they got together, which was when I remembered the three did Because of You (Fairytale Under the Starlight) together in 2010. Oh how time flies!


TW-drama Star Reunions with Kirsten Jen, Lego Lee, and Kingone Wang — 11 Comments

  1. Rong Rong and Kingone are one of my favourite TW onscreen couple and the fact that they are close off-screen and haven’t denied the possibility of getting together in real-life makes me like them even more.

    • Yes! And with Megan!! That reunion had me squeeing like a crazy person! I made it through 星光下的童話 back in the days even tho the story was mediocre and I liked nobody in particular (though I did ended up rooting for Lego’s character).

      Now 6 years later, I am really like Lego and is currently obsessed with Bromance (River nad Megan are the friggin cutest!) and they are all active in Setv as leads. The reunion is a sweetest.

  2. I love bromance too but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s the best twdrama out there. I love it because i really enjoy the chemi between Megan and baron this time. The first time 6 yrs ago was only so so for me. They are much better together now… Sizzle 🙂

    Anyhow – Kirsten and Lego, Kirsten and king one – awesome pairing all around. Hope to see her again in another drama soon.

    • I would recommend following Bromance just for the behind the scenes alone. Their interaction/chemistry are so adorable (both platonic and more). I like them so much I even went back to their old drama to see if it has always been this way.

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